Timber, Fish, and Desires Climateblog: Gauguin and July 2021

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332 miles south, “hundreds of thousands”

of salmon smolts are dying, infested with

drought-enhanced shasta parasites,


and close by Columbia River sockeye,

paused on their upward journey,

bloom sores like dogwoods.


Low numbers of Yukon chum,

leaving Alaska tribes hungry,

chant to us “You’re subsequent. You’re subsequent. You’re subsequent.”


Here in Portland it was 116 degrees June 28

surprising many local weather scientists

and climate forecasters.


Allison Mechanic at reported

“July 31, 2020, there have been 23 fires

and greater than 40,000 acres burning.”


She contrasted “As of July 31, 2021,

there have been 50 fires

and greater than 20 instances the acreage burning.”


Since 1959, whereas Oregon farmers ploughed and

males from oil firms

slaughtered future wives and kids.


Whereas trollers I knew joked about mermaids,

enemies in fits invented fracking

poisoning city wells.


Within the sizzling smoky morning,

a dried frog caught in a door jamb

is an omen of larger modifications.

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