Plain Talking About IPCC's Second A part of the Sixth Evaluation Report, Local weather Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability, Abstract for Coverage Makers (signed off by 195 member nations). Abstract by Dr. Charlie Gardner of College of Kent, and Clare Farrell of Extinction Rebel UK

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Used with permission of Extinction Rebellion.
Thanks to 426 guests the previous three days. Right here is one other poem I wrote this morning strolling my canine.

Regulation of Unintended Penalties

You collected canine poop in small bag,
tossed it over fence close to rubbish.

Your spouse’s howl meant she thought
it was a package deal from Amazon

like shopping for her a brand new Camry and
flying to Hawaii for her birthday

or mountaineering in Columbia Gorge
wildflowers as an alternative of nonviolently

bringing down oil firms that
at this fee will kill her sometime

and the whole lot you like.

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