October 2021, Close to a Washington State River

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October 2021, Close to a Washington State River

On my truck gate, pulling up waders,
branches snap in morning darkish as a cougar stalks me.

When it will get nearer, I re-enter and wait
a fellow angler arrives and we descend
in canyon.

We cut up at two trails, and the cougar follows me.
I toss rocks and yell at it.

Later, beneath stars, I mirror if
this had been
a metaphor for international local weather response,

I might put on a blindfold, grasp a
T-bone steak
on my neck, return in forest

“Right here kitty, kitty,” and hope
nothing occurs. 

In different poetry information, I am grateful to former Affiliate Professor of English and Inventive Writing at College of Alabama Heidi Lynn Staples for accepting my poem “Once I Lived Upriver” in her mission Hold Our Breath 2040: Artists and Writers Reimagine Forestation, a global artistic digital commemoration of afforestation efforts to handle local weather change. I additionally recognize Flyfishing & Tying Journal for together with two of my poems within the subsequent situation. 

Thanks to the current 222 guests from Sweden, 117 from Russia, 92 from Germany, 18 from Hong Kong, 18 from Senegal, 17 from Canada, 17 from Indonesia, 10 from United Kingdom, and 5 from Spain.

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