David Sirota on His Oscar Nod for Writing Blockbuster Local weather Disaster & Media Satire”

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To enhance fictional urgency of the comet in Do not Look Up, see my July 1, 2021 publish “Climate Culling and Healing,” about actual urgency of Schellnhuber, quoted by Paddy Manning July 9, 2011 in The Sydney Morning Herald. Manning wrote “in a 4 [C] diploma hotter world, the inhabitants,” in response to Schellnhuber, has ” … carrying capability estimates beneath one billion individuals.” notes Earth’s population is nearly 8 billion so it appears most would die from hunger, warfare, and warmth.
My publish famous “Think about Earth reaches 5 C above 1850 preindustrial baseline ‘inside 80 years or so at our present trajectory’ as noted by Dave Borlace if we don’t reduce sufficient carbon.”
I wrote, “If issues get close to that dangerous, I suggest a 100-question examination designed by third graders in Bangladesh, Nigeria, Haiti, Yemen, The Philippines, Tuvalu, Kiribati, and The Marshall Islands tuned by main lecturers so just one eighth of the worldwide inhabitants can go. Everybody else dies. This might be way more equitable than ‘politics of the armed lifeboat’ described by Amitav Ghosh in The Nice Derangement: Local weather Change and the Unthinkable.”

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