Bushes, Fish, and Desires Climateblog: Dr Ye Tao talks with Clare Farrell | 23 November 2021

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Used with permission of Extinction Rebellion. Dr. Ye Tao offers a wonderful presentation weaving in social fairness, and the necessity for nonprofit science-based options benefiting folks in all international locations corresponding to mirrored roof tiles in India to cut back struggling throughout excessive warmth occasions. 
The tip of the Extinction Rebellion above video mentions Kim Stanley Robinson’s local weather novel The Ministry for the Future by which a warmth wave kills 20 million folks in India. Interviewed by Amy Brady October 27, 2020 in Burning Worlds at Chicago Review of Books, Robinson responded, “Latest research of the impact of warmth and humidity mixed have discovered {that a} temperature index of ‘wet-bulb 35’ (which might be about 95 levels Fahrenheit with 100% humidity, after which increased temperatures mixed with barely decrease humidities [ . . . ]), are deadly to people who can’t take shelter in air-conditioned areas. However in warmth emergencies like this, energy methods are more likely to be overwhelmed and go down, at which level even folks unclothed, within the shade, and fanning themselves, would nonetheless die, in a type of sluggish parboiling that the physique simply can’t deal with [ . . . . ]  I stay terrified that one thing like this opening scene may occur within the coming decade.”
Within the Extinction Rebellion video Dr. Ye Tao says, “Any type of direct air seize by industrial technique will be unable to work at scale, and to make a measurable affect to the local weather disaster in lower than a number of centuries of time. The essential cause is the method of demixing the air is a extremely energy-intensive course of. Simply think about when you needed to separate a pile of well-mixed salt and pepper. So to create order out of dysfunction takes lots of power, and that’s assured by the legal guidelines of thermodynamics. So it does not actually matter how a lot engineering you set onto it. We’d like an operation the scale of the U. S. Army six thousand years [ . . . ] to essentially obtain what these firms are calling for.”
This matches what Agence France-Presse wrote at The Guardian September 8, 2021, in “World’s biggest machine capturing carbon from air turned on in Iceland.” The article notes, “Constructed by Climeworks, when working at capability the plant will draw 4,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide out of the air yearly, the businesses say. [par break] In response to the US Environmental Safety Company, that equates to the emissions from about 870 vehicles. The plant value between US$10 and 15m to construct, Bloomberg reported.”

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