Arctic and Antarctic Information (File 38 levels Celsius or 100.4 levels Fahrenheit in Arctic confirmed by World Meteorological Group.)

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Used with permission of DW.
As a reminder, President Niinistö of Finland said in a Joint Press Conference with President Trump, August 28,2017 “If we lose the Arctic, we lose the globe,” and we’re quickly heading there concerning general traits. With notable exceptions, native, state, nationwide, and world governments are failing us. Brad Plumer reported in The New York Times January 10, 2022, “America’s greenhouse fuel emissions from vitality and business rose 6.2 p.c in 2021 because the economic system started recovering from pandemic lows and the nation’s coal crops roared again to life, in keeping with a preliminary estimate published Monday by the Rhodium Group.” That is unacceptable given our track record historically because the world’s worst offender! If it continues, I’ll write a poem about it. I do know this feels like an empty risk, however I’ll do it. My spouse says issues like “No one cares about your weblog” as her model of encouragement, however right here I’m once more. 
I recall Robert Bly described battle as “sleepers becoming a member of arms” (title of his 1973 guide), and the identical may very well be stated about human battle (especially oil companies’ war) in opposition to all life on Earth. Any nonviolent motion you might take to assist “sleepers” get up could be appreciated. 
In additional associated information, Invoice McKibben has a brand new e-newsletter, “The Crucial Years,” to which I gladly subscribed. It’s free to $60 a yr, relying in your alternative. Funds the primary yr will likely be “used to assist a nascent organizing effort that [he is] calling Third Act. That is an try to prepare individuals over the age of 60—I believe it’s as very important that the Boomers and the Silent Era be part of this struggle in pressure because it has been to look at the unimaginable work of youth organizers and of frontline communities.” I selected McKibben as the highest “Organizer” on my “Updated Best Practices for Climate Crisis.” Like 50-year activist Joanna Macy, he’s a smart elder.
Ideas and prayers go for individuals and nonhumans of Argentina the place, according to Matthew Cappucci at, “Buenos Aires [was] 106 levels [Dec. 28, 2021]” and “700,000 individuals there have misplaced energy.” Parts of Argentina were reported January 11, 2022 by to be “round 45°C (113°F).” This jogs my memory of my July 23, 2021 submit “Climate Reality Pushback” once I famous  “‘More than one billion marine intertidal animals [ . . . ] may have perished along the shores of the Salish Sea during the record temperatures at the end of June, [2021] said University of British Columbia researcher Chris Harley‘ in keeping with Canada’s journalist Rochelle Baker.” I reminded readers of a warmth wave that “killed or harmed three billion animals” in Australia in keeping with a July 28, 2020 information article. Equally, I wrote in my October 26, 2021 submit “Rethinking Weather Forecasts,” “121.2 Fahrenheit (49.6°C) air temperature [was recorded] in Lytton, B. C. June 29, 2021,” and “a professor of statistics at my faculty stated the chance of 115 F (46 C) in Seattle earlier than June 2021 was zero, however it occurred. He added on the time there have been higher odds shopping for one lottery ticket, and successful.”

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