We were able to get past it all

It has been a real nightmare in our cabin basically because nobody can agree on the temperature control settings. It seems that all the time everybody is fighting over the temperature control settings and it really has been getting on our nerves. I was thinking about putting a lock on the temperature control so nobody could adjust it except for our wifey and I. I decided to call the Heating, Ventilation and A/C company to see about what all of us could do about this crazy situation. The Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker was telling me it would be a smart method to go with Heating, Ventilation and A/C zone control in the household, and she said that the upgrade would not be overly difficult and all of us would be able to adjust the heating and cooling settings differently in each room. I was thinking this was a brilliant way to make everybody happy and there would be no more fighting over this. When everybody was fighting, I was yelling that all of us were going to get Heating, Ventilation and A/C zone control in the household, but everybody kept on fighting. They were so loud that I don’t suppose they heard me the first time. I cleared our throat and shouted as loud as I could about getting Heating, Ventilation and A/C zone control. That’s when everybody shut up and just stared at me. My child asked what Heating, Ventilation and A/C zone control was and after that all of us explained exactly what it was to our family. When everybody understood, everybody started cheering and saying that it was a superb idea. When all of us finally had it installed, everybody was really happy with the current Heating, Ventilation and A/C system!

Heating maintenance

Getting the radiator fixed was a challenge

When my radiator broke down just a few weeks before winter began, I knew I was in for some hard times.

That radiator has been part of this house for over fifty years! We’ve been able to maintain it for so long thanks to my grandfather, who lived in this house right up until last year.

He unfortunately passed away – thankfully from old age. Sadly for us, we not only lost him, but his technique for preserving this now antique piece of heating equipment! Now we had to track down a heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair technician that could work on much older equipment. To give you an idea of how challenging that is to find, just imagine trying to find a car parts distributor that has parts for a car from 1967. It’s not easy, because it’s a specialized piece of equipment that takes a specialized kind of technician. After searching up and down the state for over a week, we finally found a specialist in the HVAC industry that could repair our radiator. When we met the repair technician, we got to talking about my grandfather. Believe it or not, this specialist actually knew my grandfather and even worked with in in the past! I thought that was amazing, but not a total surprise. My grandfather was a heating and A/C repairman in the 70’s and 80’s, and he had quite a reputation in my small town. I’m thankful we not only found a specialist to fix the radiator, but we also got to hear stories about my grandfather that I never knew.

HVAC professional

Going out to eat might have been a mistake

My husband and I have been working around the clock for the past year.

  • Our son recently had his first birthday, and with this change came a lot more personality! Since our little one keeps us on our toes throughout the day, we are just burnt out and eager to have some kind of break.

Thankfully my parents were willing to watch our son for the evening, so we decided to use that time and go have a nice dinner. No kids, no toys – just my husband and I, just like old times. Well, the restaurant we loved going to had been closed for remodeling, and recently opened back up! On our way there, I was reading reviews about the place – every single review said the same thing: “The food is good, but the air conditioning system is too cold!” I thought that had to be a stretch. I remember this place always having poor air quality, which is why we always ate outside! When we arrived, I found that the place had certainly been renovated – it was hardly recognizable! When we went inside to grab a table, we instantly understood why the reviews talked about the air conditioning system in some way or another. It was absolutely freezing in there! My husband said he was going to look for the bathroom, but actually found the thermostat itself on the wall. It was sixty-two degrees inside the restaurant – in August! I couldn’t imagine how expensive this was for them and how bad their electric bill must be. I guess they wanted to make sure everyone knew they had air conditioning available again, huh?

Cooling system

I really should’ve known better than to pull this stunt…

When I legitimately neglected the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system, this turned out to be a legitimately costly mistake! This bad heat wave was coming in the warm season months, so the air conditioning system was cranked up to keep the household cool.

  • I started noticing that it was just getting hotter and hotter in my home, while the cooling system just kept running without pause.

Just as I thought something might be amiss, I started to catch the smell of smoke as the air quality was reaching an absolutely horrible state. It was bad – like I was getting short of breath. When smoke started to come out of the HVAC vents, I knew I was in trouble and had to act fast! Having grabbed my fire extinguisher from the kitchen, I ran down to the basement where I saw sparks and some smoke coming from out of the A/C unit. I was able to turn off the power, and put the fire out effectively using the fire extinguisher in turn. The Heating and A/C equipment was definitely not going to be salvaged though, as it was burnt from the inside out. The circuitry was destroyed! I had to open up all the windows to get the smoke cleared out, and the apartment was sizzling for over a day. When I called the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C company, the professional came out and inspected the damages. Despite the damage, he said that I could’ve avoided this whole disaster with the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C equipment by getting my system check-ups. I forgot that this was the same guy who tried to get me to sign up for the regular system maintenance plan years ago! Talk about awkward. Needless to say, I signed up for the service plan for my new heating and air conditioning equipment.

New HVAC equipment

The biggest jerk at the dinner party!

While I’m usually someone who likes to have company over at our place, and would have parties all the time, I can’t say I’m up for having another party for a while.

  • See, at a recent party, things got a little out of control.

There were these two guys – both of them were pretty wasted. They wound up fighting over the temperature control settings, and that was childish enough as it was. I usually don’t mind if people adjust the temperature control for my home, but this was getting out of hand! Plus, they both kept changing the settings from heating to cooling, or cooling to heating. They’d yell at each other to quit touching the thermostat, and they started insulting each other until it exploded into a violent showdown! They were taking swings at each other as I tried to stop them. The one guy pushed the other into the thermostat on my wall, and that unit fell to the floor where it was stepped on while they were fighting. As I heard the thermostat crunch under their feet, my fury became evident as I shouted louder than ever! They were going to have to pay to replace our control unit, that was for sure! One of the guys swore he wasn’t paying for a thing and ran off, but the other guy felt awful for what happened. He gladly offered to pay for the damages, as he shouldn’t have let things get so out of hand with this guy. I don’t blame him for sticking up for me and my home, and trying to keep my thermostat from being abused by this other drunk, but I’m glad he was willing to pay for the replacement.

Quality heating and air

College living is all about suffering and making due with what you have, right?

Living with roommates back in college meant that we had to make due with what we had.

Most of our money went to rent – or food and alcohol, so possessions were mostly limited to our our window air conditioner unit.

Prior to us getting that thing, we consistently felt too hot in our rooms. It was consistently difficult to focus on our studies, even when I had a fan running all the time! All the fan did was move a bunch of overheated air around the house anyway. While there was a central Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system, it wasn’t hooked up when we moved in. I know – stupid, right? Anyway, when we got our window air conditioner for our house, things changed! It was good, as that piece of machinery cranked out the cold air which felt absolutely incredible. The air conditioner equipment also had this remote control that came with it, and I used that remote control all the time to avoid getting up and away from my studies – or my dinner, or whatever I was doing at the time. I did lose the remote control once, so I had to reach out to the manufacturer themselves and request that they ship a new remote control to me. Once they did, I made sure to put a tracker on the remote just to avoid losing it! Anyway, the window air conditioning unit proved to be the most comforting thing we owned in that house for a long time. Now that we’ve all graduated and moved on, we talk about those days and laugh. I’m glad I have a nice central air conditioning system now!


Air duct cleaning

Live my life on the weekends? No thanks. I live my life every day!

I thought that I wouldn’t be able to make it to my buddy’s party since my boss had me scheduled to help out on overtime. But hey, you know what? I can work every other day for the rest of my life, but these parties aren’t an everyday thing. I wanted to have a enjoyable time on the weekend for a change! I needed to live a little, as I worked all the time. Let me say, it was a nice break to go to this party and catch some R&R. Plus, my friend hosting this party had a killer indoor heated pool. It was excellent, because the temperature control settings can be just right – even in the middle of Winter! In our experience I usually am out there in the blazing sunlight, pouring a bucket of sunscreen on myself to avoid getting burnt. That obviously wasn’t an issue with my buddy’s home, and the pool deck stayed comfortable the whole time! I didn’t even have to wear sunscreen at all. The water was perfectly heated, as the thermostat for the heating in the pool house was also perfect for the temperature outside. We all played drinking games through the day and night, and played sports in the pool as well. Since it was all such an enjoyable time, I legitimately became pretty enjoyable friends with a lot of the people there! I just wished that I could do this sort of thing every single weekend! Funny enough, my buddy was saying that this kind of party happened often and that we should make a point to come out more often. I’d be happy to – just for some more time in that indoor heated pool!


Whole home heating

A heating system that belongs in the modern age is a wise investment!

I went to visit my brother out west and couldn’t believe how comfortable his home was all week.

  • The middle of Winter in the mountains made no difference, as his place was nice and toasty the whole time.

Honestly, I had never experienced such warmth! No drafts, no frigid spots, and no chills at any point. My own heating system is nothing like that, as I always end up catching a draft somewhere in the house or dealing with the uneven heat throughout my home. The feeling in my brother’s home was always perfectly pleasant, and I felt nothing but warmth flowing upwards from my feet. The craziest thing about this was how no heat was flowing from the HVAC ductwork anywhere in the house! Eventually I asked him about the heating system, so he explained to me how radiant floors were installed in his home some time ago. I was pretty bewildered at the principle of radiant heating when he explained it to me, so I even had to question him further. He had piping under the floors, which carried heated water to heat the floors and thus the house. He also explained that the warmth spread upwards and left no room for anything to be missed. She let me know how with forced air, the heat always rose straight to the ceiling. Not with this type of heating system! At this point, how could I not invest in such a useful heating system?


gas furnace

Everyone should get radiant floors, because I’m never going back to the old way!

I called the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C in the end just to see about solutions that they could offer for having such cold floors all the time.

When I get up in the afternoon, it’s typically the same routine. First thing I do is brew some coffee. From there, a hop in the shower. After said shower, I get that uncomfortable jolt from the cold linoleum. Drinking my coffee in the morning helps me wake up and warm up simultaneously, as I adjust the control equipment to get some enjoyable warmth in the household before leaving for work. Feeling so frigid in the morning and dealing with cold floors always has me uncomfortable in the winter, so I had been considering some alternative to my current so-so heating system. As I started using a portable heating system in the bathroom, the danger was evident – after all, electricity and water don’t mix very well. I called the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C in the end just to see about solutions that they could offer for having such cold floors all the time. It was a pretty simple solution actually – they told me that it would be wise to invest in radiant floors. I never heard of such a thing until now, as they explained that there would be piping or electric heating cables installed beneath all the floorboards for fake vinyl flooring. This gets hooked up to a boiler system or a central power source, and then when I turn on the heat, the floors would radiate the warmth upwards and everything would be heated evenly! This type of heating was super energy efficient according to the HVAC professionals, so I was sold! I went for the installation and before I knew it, I was enjoying toasty floors on the regular in my home.



central heater

Nothing compares to figuring out a technical installation on your own!

I wouldn’t say I’m terrible at figuring out DIY projects, but I’ve never been very good at installing things or fixing things.

  • I did manage to do something good not too long ago though, when I decided to upgrade the control system for the HVAC equipment in my house.

I went from this old digital thermostat, and moved to a smart control unit. At this point, I felt I could handle the installation on my own, and I felt it could be done seeing as I have heard about these smart thermostats being simple enough to put together. Though others have easily installed this before, surely I could, right? I even had some friends at my place, just to tape the installation and allow me to remember this greatness. After I watched several installation videos for my particular thermostat, I found that it should be easy enough to do on my own. So, I had to check and make sure the thermostat was compatible with my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system. That was pretty easy – I just marked all the letters I saw behind the old control unit. As soon as I verified compatibility, I set out to complete the installation. Not too bad at all really, as I managed to get everything labeled and ready to install prior to pulling out the new thermostat. The process wasn’t too rough, so I was pretty glad when I was finally finished. With the new smart thermostat in place, it worked without a hitch – and I was glad to see it. I even installed the smart app on my phone to control the new thermostat. It was so nice, being able to modify the temperature control settings from everywhere.

Heat pump service