Radiant heat improved the value of our cottage

The time has come to sell our cottage on the lake.

  • It is sad to see it go because we have had so many years of memories that have been made there.

The kids have all grown and moved away and no one has any interest in maintaining it any longer and my husband and I are of an age where we just can’t. We started looking around and seeing ways that we could improve the value of the place before we put it up for sale and one of the things that has always been an issue heating during the winter. Even though our Winters are fairly mild we normally weren’t at the cottage much so we simply used space heaters when we were there. Unfortunately this is not a good selling point and so we decided to contact an HVAC dealer about installing some form of permanent heat. When a representative came out to take a look at the place he started talking about the different types of HVAC equipment that was available and when we told him that we were going to be replacing the flooring throughout he had a great suggestion. He recommended that we install radiant heating throughout the flooring because this was an efficient, clean, and low maintenance alternative to installing a boiler, furnace, or even a gas fireplace. He said that not only would prospective buyers appreciate the fact that the entire cottage would be evenly warmed they would love the fact that the heating was virtually maintenance-free. The radiant flooring also does not take up any added space for the most part because the system we were looking at was electric. We would not have to install a boiler to keep the water heated or anything and so long as the power was on the place would be heated. This was a great solution and improve the value of the cottage significantly.



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Zone controlled cooling for bedrooms

I really love the summertime.

  • It brings up so many fond memories of lounging around with friends sipping cool Beverages and going on long walks after the sun sets at night.

It’s such a beautiful time of year for friendship and being social. Unfortunately for me, it’s not the best time of year for sleeping. I have always been a terrible sleeper in the middle of summer. I’m not sure if it’s something with the Stars or if it’s strictly the temperature and humidity. It seems like I can never be cool or dry enough at night to fall into a restful Slumber. I toss and turn and wake up covered in sweat almost every night. My sheets are always stained and needing a wash because I can’t seem to cool my own internal thermostat at night. This routinely has caused me to operate my air conditioning system intensively as the Sun starts to set. I want to cool down my house so I can finally hold on my body and get to sleep. However, that’s extremely expensive when you’re running a central air conditioning system. You really only need the cooling power in your bedrooms and instead you have to pump cool air into the entire home. Recently, I couldn’t take the added expense anymore. I called my local HVAC dealership and ask them what the chances were that I qualify for Zone control Cooling in my existing air duct setup. They came out and provided me with a quote and I jumped at the opportunity to improve my heating and cooling system. These days, my room is 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the house by 10 pm. I’m finally sleeping through the summer and my bank account is looking pretty cool.

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Free AC is the best AC

The best things in life are free, right? That’s what I always say.

I love getting things for free.

One of my favorite activities is driving around in my van and picking things up off the curb around town. People consistently get rid of really excellent stuff by throwing it out on their own. Sometimes they’ll put an ad on Craigslist and let people know it’s up for grabs, and other times they just leave it by the street and hope someone makes it disappear. I am more than happy to be that someone. I love going around and getting free furniture, house goods, and most recently I even received some free at Heating and Cooling equipment. I was driving through a nice neighborhood in town and saw a mass of equipment out on someone’s curb. I pulled over to examine what all of this metal machinery was and didn’t recognize all of the parts. However, I did see a large air conditioning system sitting right there on the lawn. Wouldn’t you know, I was on the market for a new cooling system at the time. I called out a buddy of mine and we started loading the heavy cooling system into my van. Of course, I wasn’t sure whether or not the air conditioning system operates or if I was going to need to purchase additional parts to make the air quality machinery power up. I watch some videos online and figured out how to install the new cooling system at home. When I went to flip on the power switch I held my breath, half expecting my house to explode. Instead, cool and fresh air came flowing straight through my air vents more powerfully than ever before. I don’t know about other people, but I believe that the best things in life are free.

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I need the best possible air filters

I did not stop there, and bought a portable air filters to keep in my bedroom and run while I sleep

I knew that eventually it would catch up with me, but holy smokes did it ever! As a bass player, my life was out on the road, doing shows, and often times touring across the country. Being a chain smoker was not a part of being a musician, it was my own habit I developed during those long trips. Smoking it bad for your health, I knew this going in, and now it finally came back around and bit my on the hind parts. My lungs are in worst shape than I thought, so touring is behind me now, as is smoking, so I can focus on maintaining superior air quality. That meant upgrading my home HVAC system to ensure the most allergens, pollen, and dust was removed from my home. That was not enough, though, because my home was pretty smoke-laden after so many years, so I had my ductwork all cleaned out. Even that was not enough, so I started using HEPA air filters for the maximum benefit. I did not stop there, and bought a portable air filters to keep in my bedroom and run while I sleep. Using all of these factors I have turned around the air quality of my home, which hopefully will keep me from feeling any worse. Since I have time to kill I want to convert my garage into a music studio, but that room is not connected to the central HVAC system. Before I can play out there I will need to set up climate control and an air filtration system


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I take pride in my heating and cooling work

When what you do for a living and what you love to do cross paths, it is nothing short of magical.

I have to admit to you, right out of the gate, that I am a longtime user and supported of legal recreational marijuana.

Well, I guess it wasn’t always legal for me, but it is now and that is all that matters! This state legalizing it last year made me very happy, now I can go about my normal personal life without worrying about the police. This collided with my work life when I got a call from a dispensary that was being built locally. They wanted a walk through of their new building and an estimate for the HVAC system it would need. This place wasn’t that big, but they had special needs and requirements that would make it a complex HVAC install job. We went over everything together, and I gave them the estimate for the ventilation and climate control work they would need done. Surprisingly enough they agreed right away, and asked if I could start the HVAC install that week. They were so rushed about getting the place open they offered me a hefty bonus if I could complete the HVAC system ahead of schedule. That was actually a temptation to cut corners and get the job done fast, buy I have a reputation in the HVAC community about standing behind every job I do. I’ll admit I wanted that money, but not enough to jeopardize my standing as an HVAC pro in this town.


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Painful experiences, like when our HVAC shut down in the winter

Sometimes, we go through painful experiences.

It was hard for me when I lost my grandparents.

It was especially hard when my wife’s mother died. She actually got cancer and we got her into the chemotherapy and radiation, but it made her so sick and fragile. I really wish there was a better way to take on the cancer. Another painful experience was this last winter season. I was really struggling with money before we got into the winter, so I wasn’t able to get the HVAC system tune-up that I normally get before the peak seasons. I thought we would probably be okay, but it really wasn’t okay. The heating system ended up breaking down in the middle of the winter. It wasn’t actually during the holidays, so we were able to get an HVAC worker to our home without having to pay for emergency services. I was thankful for that, but we sure were freezing while waiting for the HVAC worker to arrive. That definitely was a painful experience. I’m just glad I didn’t have to pay the outrageous prices they charge for emergency repairs. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do when it comes to things like this because you either can afford it or you can’t. In this case, I wasn’t able to afford that tune-up that would have got us through the entire winter season with no issues. At least I know I’ll be able to cover the cost for the spring HVAC tune-up so we don’t have any problems in the summer months. That would be another devastating situation.

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I’m a big fan of all the ghost shows

There might also be a draft in your home, and this is very common especially with forced air HVAC systems.

Something that I am fascinated with is ghosts. There are times when I think that my home is haunted, but I just think that maybe I hear noises that are just the house. I love watching those ghost shows late into the evening. There are all kinds of great ghost shows these days like Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Dead Files, and more. Some of these shows will really freak me out at times because the evidence they capture is so crazy. Sometimes I’ll be watching and will think there is a ghost behind me, but I’ll realize it’s just my A/C that clicked on and the cold air is flowing behind me. People know that sometimes the sign of a spirit can be just certain places in the room getting really cold. Of course, cold spots in a room can also just be the cool air not evenly flowing through the household. There might also be a draft in your home, and this is very common especially with forced air HVAC systems. I have thought about doing EVP sessions in my own home, but honestly, I’m afraid that I might actually catch something on the recording. That would really freak me out, and then my hair would really stand up on my skin when I walk through the household. I do actually feel a lot of cold spots in my home, and it’s really difficult for me to say if this is a paranormal phenomenon or if it’s just the way my HVAC system is working. I’m thinking about getting radiant heated floors installed in my home so that I will no longer experience any drafts or uneven heating in my home.

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I’d like to swap out our gas furnace with radiant floor heating

The radiant proposal is entire concealed beneath the floor, taking up no living space, never detracting from the decor plus there’s no need to arrange furniture around the vents! Radiant heating doesn’t introduce air contaminants, operates silently plus requires no service

I would like to install radiant floor heating throughout our whole house! Unluckyly, it’s not financially viable to remove the gas furnace plus duct system, pull down walls plus tear up floors… Because our lake house is already outfitted with a forced air gas furnace, I’m stuck with this genre of heating, but i don’t like that the ductwork rattles, wheezes plus absolutely wastes a tremendous amount of heat. It’s impossible to keep that network of pipes perfectly clean, but mice, bugs, webs, dust, mold, mildew plus all sorts of disgusting stuff is properly concealed inside, then whenever the gas furnace starts up, air passes through those dirty pipes plus picks up contaminants! These allergens are then spread to every room in the house plus breathed by our family, creating a health risk. There’s also the concern of heat naturally rising. When the hot air pours from the vents, it rises straight up to the ceiling plus only falls back down once it has cooled. This means that the lowest temperature in the room is near the floor, where the people are. I then need to set higher temperature control settings, which costs more money in daily bills. By comparison, radiant heating spreads the heat really evenly across the floor. The heat is infused rather than blown in, reducing stratification, every object laying on the floor is warmed plus then also radiates heat. It’s possible to keep a lower temperature control setting plus prefer superior comfort. The radiant proposal is entire concealed beneath the floor, taking up no living space, never detracting from the decor plus there’s no need to arrange furniture around the vents! Radiant heating doesn’t introduce air contaminants, operates silently plus requires no service. It also allows for the straight-forward set up of zone control, facilitating superior cost savings plus comfort.
Heat pump service

Planning to transport to an area where I can rely on a heat pump

I unquestionably don’t like the cold Wintertide weather.

Unfortunately, I live in the northeastern part of the country, where the weather is unquestionably brutal; Our winters tend to last for approximately numerous months.

By the end of September, both of us often need to start up the furnace in addition to both of us keep it running until May or May. It’s not unheard of for the temperature to remain below cold, with no relief, for months at a time, however all of us sometimes get temperatures down to 25 below zero in addition to the wind chill makes it dangerous to be outside. Along with the bitter cold, both of us deal with a big snow accumulation! Nearly every single day it’s necessary to shovel the sidewalks, plow the driveway in addition to scrape ice off the windshield of the car. I try to avoid being outside as much as possible. I don’t adore to ski, snowmobile or ice skate. I hide inside, bundled up in jackets with the furnace blasting. I don’t care that my heating bills are enormous. I refuse to shiver in addition to be even more miserable because of the weather. It’s disappointing enough that my hair is frizzy, my lips chapped in addition to my skin itchy because of the overly dry air. My goal is to eventually transport far enough south that I could handle my year round temperature control with a heat pump. A heat pump doesn’t burn fossil fuels to generate heat. It simply moves existing heat from 1 venue to another. This type of heating in addition to cooling system is super energy efficient, safe, scrub in addition to environmentally friendly. However, it’s only effective until the outside temperature drops below cold. It’s not possible to get by with a heat pump in my new location. I hope to someday live in an area where the temperature never drops someplace near cold. I’d love to run the heat pump in cooling mode for the majority of the year.


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The blanket fire

One thing I never thought could even happen was the fact of the blanket on our bed easily causing a small fire! I don’t smoke, so no, I did not smoke in bed plus fall asleep! This was easily a honestly strange thing that happened, plus I l gained a little lesson from this as well.

To make a long story short, I was honestly tired 1 night plus went to bed without turning down our space heating system that I keep right next to our bed.

I usually turn down the little temperature control dial on the space heating system because it can get to be pretty powerful, plus I do not want to overheat. Well, what happened was, our blanket ended up sliding off of our bed plus onto the space heating system with it cranked full blast! The heat coming out of the vents of the space heating system was so hot, after our blanket had been kneeling on top of it for about 10 minutes or so, it began to catch fire! I was so darn lucky I woke up from the aroma if the blanket starting to burn! Right away, I knocked the blanket off of the space heater, ran into the washroom plus back while half asleep, bringing a full cup of water into the bedroom. I then threw the water over the small fire that was on the blanket caused by the space heater. Thankfully, it went out with 1 shot of the water, plus nothing was injured other than our blanket! This all could have been a lot worse had I not aromaed the smoke plus woke up!



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