Tending to my sick uncle

My uncle has been dealing with this immune system disorder for the past few months now.

He was doing fine and was on the road to recovery, but after he recently fell down in his bathroom, he’s now back to being on bedrest.

We all take turns stopping by his home to tend to him for a few hours while his son goes to work, and in my recent visits to his house, I can see why he may not be recovering as fast as he wants to! See, his home is equipped with a smart thermostat that controls his heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. This is great for him since he can control the thermostat from the comfort of his bed, and doesn’t have to get up to change the temperature if he feels too warm or cool in his home. However, it would seem that his home’s HVAC system has been off for over two days now, and my family has yet to notice! My uncle is always exhausted, so he doesn’t speak much. However, he made a point to tell me on my last visit that he was sweating heavily into the bed, and he asked me to find out what was wrong with his thermostat – and HVAC system, if needed. When I started looking into the potential cause, I found out that the batteries for the smart thermostat were dead. It was no wonder the home’s heating and air conditioning system weren’t running! Once I replaced the batteries in the smart thermostat, everything was back up to speed – and my uncle was pleasantly relieved.

furnace/heater repair

Waiting for the right A/C unit

When I found the exact A/C unit model I wanted to bring home and have installed, I found out that the unit was on backorder due to parts being unavailable to manufacture this unit.

When I first heard that it was on backorder, I didn’t quite understand what that meant.

At first, I thought backorder simply meant that it was a high-demand item! I was technically right, but the backorder status meant that it was not available and wouldn’t ship until it was back in stock. That was my trouble with the situation. In the meantime, the vendor that was selling me this A/C unit was offering several other options to me that I could buy and have installed well before this unit was available again. While the options were tempting, all of them had reviews saying that the A/C unit gave out after six months of operation! The particular air conditioning unit I ordered had the best reviews of any offered by this company, as it said that the unit never gave an ounce of trouble for over a decade. That sounded well worth the money to me, but now I’m wondering if I should really just wait around for it? I think I might have to consider going to another vendor, and seeing what options are available that I can buy which would match up to the backordered unit. If I find something decent, I might just switch vendors altogether.

Cooling workman

I am so happy with my Nissan

A lot of foreign sports cars cannot be sold in America. Cars such as the Mazda RX-7, Nissan Skyline GTR, & the r33 Skyline are nearly impossible to find in this area. One of the  greatest reasons is the emissions. Foreign cars don’t have the same safety codes that both of us do in America. The safety codes are not the same, & neither are the gas emissions. Every automobile built in America has to follow the safety laws & rules set forth by the gov. The only way to get around these things & those hardcore rules, is by invoking the 25-year rule. The 25-year rule states that a car or automobile can not be imported to our country, until they are more than 25 years old. I’ve always wanted to purchase a Mazda RX-7, ever since I started playing video games as a kid. The Mazda RX-7 is one of those JDM vehicles that must be 25 years old. Luckily, I found a JDM importer right in my area within two hours away. I met with the JDM importer a week ago, & both of us discussed my options. I definitely want a Mazda RX-7, but it does not matter if it’s 30 or 40 years old. I would like a pink, green or orange would be just superb. But I would take a boring color if that is the only way to get my car. It’s going to take a few days to find the right car, but the JDM importer told me not to think about it at all. He would find me the exact Mazda RX-7 that I wanted.

I was seeking legal advice

Most of my friends believe that I am very private. I do not inform people about my life, and I do not broadcast my private secrets. I am a normal person who works a regular job.  I start the job at eight in the morning, and I finish up at around five in the evening. I get an hour for my lunch and a paid vacation for two weeks. I have health, vision, and dentals insurance. I work throughout the week Monday thru Friday, and get the holidays off. Every day is pretty much the same, and I am usually bored with the requirements of the job. What no one knows is that I have a dream to become a lawyer. I do not mention law school to anyone. When I leave my daily, I head right to my law classes. I stay there until around 10 at night, and then go home to do homework. At midnight, I finally go to sleep before I get up for work the next morning. It’s going to be quite awhile before I  finish all of my classes. Then I will take the bar exam. I plan to specialize in criminal law, and I would like to work for a government office. I think I will excel as a criminal defense lawyer. It’s going to take a considerable amount of time before I can practice law, but I study hard every day. My Uncle Mike has been an attorney for nearly thirty years. He works out of an office in town, and he practices family law. Uncle Mike is the only person who knows I am attending law school. He helps me to polish my essay, and he even helped out financially with my first year tuition. Mike has been helping me out since the beginning.

Office space

I quit working when my kids were born, and decided not to go back while they were still little.

However, I needed something to do with my time. I began crafting small animals and nature scenes from clay. I hand-painted the finished products in acrylic and oil paints. Some friends of mine felt that I could sell them. I thought they were crazy. They eventually convinced me to rent a small booth at the local Arts and Crafts Festival. I took a collection of my pieces to the festival, and I sold every single one. The people were very complimentary about my crafts, and kept asking if I had a shop or a website where they could order. When my kids started school full-time, I decided to take the crafting business further. I looked for a small office space near my home for rent. I only needed a small space where I could create my art, and a small area where customers could browse the finished items for sale. I had trouble finding an office space for rent in the area. Everything was way too expensive or too large for my needs. I finally came across a nice office space for rent a little further from my home. Even though I had about a 30 minute drive from my house, the office space for rent was within my price range. I signed a one-year lease, and hoped I’d be able to afford it. I’ve been in the same office space for eleven months, and I have sold nearly five hundred pieces. I have a small crafting area set up in the back of the building, and an office in the front. My business is going really well, and I’m glad that I chose to pursue this creative project.


business incubator

I want a broken air vent

I was so bored the other day, that I decided to go to the casino by myself.

I seldom go to the casino, because I just don’t have the money to throw away.

I always take a sweater, just in case I end up at a machine that has the air vent blowing on me. Usually the air vents are blowing air that is so cold, that no one wants to sit by them. I find they are the machines that pay out the best. I take my sweater and prepare to shiver as I slowly feed my pennies into the machines. This time, they must have had the heating on. Every machine that had the direct air of the air vent, was already occupied. The HVAC was working really well and the heating was on, throughout the casino. I was sweating, even without the sweater. I finally found a spot that had some air movement, and I was not minding the heat as much. I looked around and I saw all of these old people in the casino. I didn’t realize that I had come in on a day where they were catering to octogenarians. There were buses full of people piling in and all of them were in their eighties. I walked around until I found a machine that had an air vent where there wasn’t any air blowing on me. I had been up a little over $100 when I realized that they had just fixed the air vent. I went home when the heat started pouring out on top of me.

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HVAC sales calls

A friend of mine recently started his own HVAC company.

He had gone to a seminar about how to do advertising and he liked the idea of making cold calls.

The problem with his liking making phone calls, is that he wanted me to call the people. He got me a cell phone so I didn’t need to use my own and I started going through the phone book. I felt like such an idiot calling people who I didn’t know. He had a script written up about HVAC and his new company. He told me not to hang up until I finished the entire script. I wasn’t so good with scripted phone calls, and I began to wing it on my own. I told them whom I was working for, and what HVAC services he offered. I told everyone that they did plumbing, heating and air conditioning repair and installation, and they installed radiant heating and boiler systems. I chatted to some people and answered their questions. I found that if people could get questions about HVAC answered, they were more likely to make an appointment for a free inspection. Within the first two days, I had his HVAC service calendar filled, for the next six weeks. He was shocked when he came over the next day to see if I had got anywhere with his phone calls. I told him he owed me big time for his HVAC business. I should have been working on commission instead of doing it as a favor. With my next round of HVAC cold calls, I am going to tell him I want paid for every appointment I booked.

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Loving being single

I awoke to smelling bacon and eggs in the morning, and she hadn’t touched the thermostat

Being single is the greatest thing that a person can do for themselves. You never have to worry about hurting someone’s feelings. If you feel like being a slob for a day, there is no one nagging you to clean up yourself and the house. If I don’t hit budget for the month, I have no one to blame me for it. If I want to turn the thermostat down to sixty-five, no one will be complaining about how cold it is, and turn my air conditioning off. I want to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. My thermostat is at seventy-two in the winter and sixty-eight in the summer. I want air conditioning and heating to where I like to have it and feel comfortable. There is nothing better than being single. Then, my girlfriend talked me into letting her stay at my house overnight. I didn’t like the idea of having to sleep all night with someone in my apartment, let alone in my bed. Since her heating had gone out and the landlord hadn’t called the HVAC company yet, I agreed. Then I realized how nice it was to feel a back up against mine. I awoke to smelling bacon and eggs in the morning, and she hadn’t touched the thermostat. I thought it may be nice to have her overnight it, more often. I’m not changing my mind about being single, but I may rethink allowing her to stay a lot more often. If she starts playing with the thermostat, I will go back to being totally single.


a/c service

Can’t work without HVAC

Life can be quite difficult at times, but when you need to work from home without heating and air conditioning, it can be miserable.

I started working from home a couple years ago. I really enjoy being able to sit at my computer in my pajamas, and jump up and do laundry, while getting my work done. I set the thermostat at seventy, and I am happy all year round. The other week, I got out of bed, turned on the computer and went out for my coffee. I came back to the office, and I realized how humid it was in the office. There was a sticky feel to everything in the room and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get any work done. I checked the thermostat and I noticed that the temperature was seventy-five. The humidity was up to seventy percent. I was definitely not going to get any work done in these temperatures and with this amount of humidity. I called the HVAC company and told them that I needed their services. I was lucky enough to be able to have them come out to check my HVAC system within the next hour. I quickly showered and got dressed because I didn’t want to have them see me in my pajamas. I was really upset that I had a problem with the HVAC system. I now had to adjust my budget so I could pay them and still pay my bills. I knew my time off was going to have to be put on hold for a couple of months.



Quality air conditioner

The customer isn’t typically right

Working as an Heating & Air Conditioning repair Tech in a small town, there absolutely is not much that will surprise you, but at least I has been my experience over the last 15 years, until a new family moved into neighborhood plus absolutely started giving us some trouble.

  • On my first visit over to this new family’s home to your locale there an air conditioner machine for a newer model, I knew immediately but they were not as friendly as pretty much everyone from around the area.

While I was preparing to install the new unit, the father was pestering me the entire time plus trying to convince me to provide him a 40% discount on the new air conditioner unit. I have been working here for almost 20 years plus I only get a 30% discount on all Heating & Air Conditioning heating plus cooling units plus accessories, so I just laughed plus told this guy that there was no possible way that was going to happen. This guy absolutely wasn’t In the mood to take no for an answer, plus he ended up threatening to provide me a 1-star review plus filed a complaint to my employer at labor unless I provided him a huge discount on the air conditioner unit. I was pretty shocked when you said this, because in all my years I had never how to customer even raise their voice to me, let alone threaten me. Once I told my employer what occurred, let’sjust say that the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier that I labor for plus not family never did any more business together again. It’s 1 thing to ask for a favor, but when it comes to threats then you’re going to have to find another supplier to do business with.