Today I cleaned my air conditioner

I was afraid to touch anything else, so I closed it back up

I was reading an article about how to clean your own air conditioner. It sounded a bit complicated at first, but the more I read, the more simple it sounded. You don’t really have a lot you can do, but I was willing to do all I could. After finishing the article, I decided to take the chance and try to do some of the cleaning of my air conditioner. I knew I would still need to call the HVAC company to have the maintenance and repairs done, but I would have done my part. The first thing I did was to make sure I turned off the power. I didn’t want to go out with straight hair and come in looking like Albert Einstein. I started out by changing the air filter. I was appalled at how dirty it was. Then I pulled out my vacuum cleaner. I opened the top of the AC unit and stuck the hose deep inside and took out all of the dirt and debris. I noticed that some leaves were falling out of the tree and I made a mental note to cut off the limb so it didn’t continue to drop its leaves into my air conditioner. I then opened up the inside and I gently used the soft bristle brush to get all of the dust off the coils. I was afraid to touch anything else, so I closed it back up. I went back into the house and turned the power back on. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the hum of my air conditioner beginning to run again.

central heater

I’m not fond of gas furnaces

It doesn’t matter where you live, there is electricity

When I needed to purchase a new heating for my home, I was perplexed with all of the different choices I was given. I only had one thing in mind and that was that I knew I did not want another gas furnace. I had read so many things about gas furnaces and they had me scared. I didn’t like the idea that the heat exchanger could crack when under stress. If the heat exchanger cracked, there was the possibility of the byproducts of gas furnaces, to be leaked out into the air. One of the biggest byproducts was carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that is odorless, tasteless and colorless. If not detected in time, carbon monoxide becomes a deadly poison that can kill. The gas furnace also has the ability to explode if there is a fuel leak. Had I known this, I would not have waited six years to change out the furnace. I would have had a new heating system within the first couple months of owning the house. I have been looking at purchasing an oil furnace. I talked about a heat pump but the problem there is that it is too cold in our region for a heat pump to work properly. I don’t want to have two heat sources in my home, to keep us warm in the winter. I am now leaning toward getting an electric heating system. It doesn’t matter where you live, there is electricity. If something happens where the electricity goes out, I will have a generator hard-wired into my home. I know that electric heat will be the best choice for my home.


Ductless mini split

Why do I want central air?

Nowadays, if you go without air conditioner, there is something wrong with you.

There are so many different kinds of air conditioning available to you that to not have one is ludicrous.

I know that sometimes it is expensive, but look for something a bit cheaper. I personally prefer to have central air conditioning. Central air conditioning will put AC throughout your entire house. You don’t need to worry about turning any one AC unit off. The window air conditioner is great if you only want to cool off one room or a small space. Central air cools off your entire home. There are air vents throughout the house. Most homes now have Zone Control. Zone Control splits the home up into different zone, which is usually rooms, and each area has its own thermostat. This makes much easier when you have several people who want different degrees of heating or cooling. Central air conditioning is generally more efficient than a window air conditioner. Considering the amount of space the window air conditioner can covered, as opposed to the space a central air conditioner covers, even if the bill is a bit higher, you have more cooling. A central air conditioner also has a lifespan of close to twenty years. A window air conditioner may last that long, but they generally come with a ten year warranty. It ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you have a small living area, or an open living area, it may behoove you to go with a window air conditioner. I have a house that has a lot of doors and rooms. For me, I enjoy my central air conditioning.

Heating system

I tried to fix my own air conditioner.

I remember how when I first started working on home computer, I would get so nervous that I would sweat.

I would need to wear a dew rag to keep the sweat from dropping down onto the delicate components of the computer.

I would take out the screws and open up the computer, hoping not to disturb any of the wires. You have no idea how relieved I was when I closed everything up and turned on the computer, only to see the Windows icon pop up on the screen. I would call my client and tell them their computer was working again. The shock and relief on the clients face was almost enough for me not to charge them, but not quite. I thought that if I could fix computer, I should be able to figure out the problem with the air conditioner in my shop. I knew there was a big problem because there wasn’t any air coming from it. I could sit there all day, with the air vent pointed right at me and all that happened was I would begin to sweat. I did some research online and started working on the air conditioner. It took several hours to finally spot the problem. I had to go to town to get the piece I needed and the tools to change it. I arrived back and after another two hours, I had the air conditioning put back together. The final hurdle was turning the AC on. I almost cried with joy when I turned the AC unit and cool air began to blow out at me.

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The night of the big gala, the AC died

We had been planning the ball for months ahead of time.

It was not a huge event, but it was a big deal for our local podcasting community.

In a city this size, there were actually thousands of different people who hosted podcasts on kind or another. Between the political commentators, the sports talkers, the do-it-yourselfers, the movie reviewers, the product testers, and everyone else, we had a very sizable podcasting community. It only made sense to throw a gala and gather all of us together in one place, to network and find ways to help all of us. I myself host an HVAC repair podcast, which may sound boring to you, but has really allowed me to help a lot of people. I spent 15 years working as an HVAC technician, before an injury put my on disability. Now I can share my knowledge to others in my podcast, where I walk people through basic heating and cooling repairs. I give outlines on best practices for HVAC tune-ups, do reviews of air filters, and basically cover any topic related to the industry. This ended up being a huge boon for us, because the air conditioner for the ballroom died halfway through the night, and the place heated up fast. I was able to get some other, younger and stronger guys to make the AC repairs while I watched on and stepped them through the process. Not only did we get the A/C up and running again in short order, but it also served as a working showcase for my podcast!


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The keys to succeeding the HVAC work

Always be early for work, always look your boss in the eye and be respectful, and always take notes.

These are the words my mother gave to me before my first day of work. Mom always knew how to take things down to the basics, with the first belief that a firm grasp of a few basic ideas would allow for the greatest success in life. As usual, mom was right! When you show up early, with a good attitude, and ready to work your boss will like it. But when I could do those things every day for months on end, that’s when the HVAC boss started to rely on me. I started getting more responsibility, more hours, and eventually better pay, all while I was still learning the basics of HVAC repair. To be honest, there were a lot of complexities that were lost on me, because I had no idea how intricate heating and cooling systems could be. I was much better working on a furnace than I was on an air conditioner, but over time I learned the ropes for just about everything. I did pick up a lot of things over time, but being naturally gifted with HVAC systems was never a part of my success. It turned out that me being there every day and being reliable was more valuable to my boss than my A/C repair techniques. Things like AC repair can be taught, but things like common decency, being on time, and having a good work ethic just can’t be taught.



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Quitting smoking harder than I thought

When we met in high school, my future husband and I were both smokers.

  • After we graduated, and didn’t have to sneak cigarettes, we both started smoking even more heavily, and this behavior continued for years.

It was all okay until last year when my husband decided that we needed to stop smoking and get our health back on track. I knew he was right, of course, but I didn’t feel ready to quit just yet. I supported his efforts, and when he asked me to stop smoking in the house I agreed with that for the greater good. Almost immediately I noticed an improvement in the indoor air quality. Within just a few days the house smelled better, and the AC kicking on didn’t result in a fresh puff of dust coming out of the vents. I also started to notice how bad the smoke made me smell, and the fresh air of the AC only highlighted my odor even more. When the weather turned cold I started smoking in the garage, which didn’t have heating but was still a shade warmer than being outdoors. After a couple weeks I could tell how awful the air quality was out there, the smell of stale cigarette butts permeated everything. I thought about buying an air filter to run out in the garage, to offset that poor air quality, but realized that was the wrong solution. Like my husband I needed to permanently improve the air quality by not smoking any longer, a much cheaper alternative than buying an air filter.

New HVAC systems

The hardest working man in the HVAC business

Not all lessons need to be learned the hard way.

When I was just 17, ready to enter the workforce and start bringing home a paycheck for my young family, I considered a lot of different jobs.

A sales job, or even worse working in a retail store, seemed like it had no future, even if it was the easiest job to get. Construction was more my style, for sure, but watching those lads working out in the blazing sun all day made me think twice. Then I saw a man in a van pull up and enter the finished building to start working on the HVAC system and it gave me an idea. The AC man only went into finished buildings, so he never had to work very long in the hot sun. I took down the name of his company and called them the next day, asking if they were looking for help with future HVAC installation jobs. I promised I would work hard, be on time, and learn every single thing I could about heating and cooling systems. I told them I had a new baby, a young wife, and I would be the hardest working HVAC tech that he had ever seen, so he decided to give me a chance. I was as good as my work, and I tried to soak up every last drop of wisdom about the installation and repair of HVAC systems. Not just the central components either, but the ductwork, the drain pipes, everything from soup to nuts, so I could become a real expert.



a/c care plan

The little shed needs ductless HVAC

A lot of men use their man cave for athletic activitys as well as coors but not me. When I decided to convert our garage into a man cave I had only 1 thing in mind: gaming. I wanted to set up a space for myself and others to play our video games, new home our laptops and, of course, have pretzels. I already had the laptops so I entirely didn’t expect this to cost us a good deal of money. I just put down some indoor/outdoor carpeting, painted the walls black, painted our seasoned desk, got a new gaming chair, as well as got a small refrigerator. I knew that I would eventually want to get some nice speakers as well as shelves for our collectables but I also knew I could do this over time. After our first session in our new man cave, I realized there was 1 thing that could not wait: I thought the garage would stay cool because it is closed as well as has no windows but that turned out to make it truly hot as well as stuffy in there. I was thinking of chopping a large, rectangular hole in the wall as well as installing a window equipment but then I came across ductless mini-split systems. They work kind of prefer window units except that you only split a small round hole in the wall to put a hose though. This links the outside section to the inside part. There is no need for a substantial hole at all, however needless to say, this was the next item I got for our man cave.



Heat pump

Ac set up in the condo

When Grandpa asked myself and others for help building Grandmother a she-shed, I was cheerful to help, but grandmother has a lot of antique items that she has held onto over the years but cannot seem to find room for in their house, however they just sit in storage; Lately, Grandmother has been forgetting reminiscing a lot about her seasoned stuff.

Grandpa wanted to build Grandmother a little place where she can go as well as knit or relax while being surrounded by her beappreciated antiques, and we decided to buy a shed rather than build 1 from scratch.

Then both of us painted it up nice as well as moved Grandmother’s seasoned sewing unit in, along with her antique furniture as well as other times. When both of us were done, both of us noticed how hot it gets in the shed, then it was clear the she-shed would need as well as maybe a oil furnace too. I took over that department as well as got a ductless mini-split system. I had considered installing a window unit, prefer Grandpa advised, but a ductless mini-spit had heat as well as air as well as it does not take up any window space. This let us keep the antique look of the shed going. When both of us finally let Grandmother see what both of us had been up too, she broke down crying cheerful tears… She thought both of us were just putting up a shed in the yard as well as had no plan both of us were building it for her. She appreciated being surrounded by all of her antique things but she also liked that the she-shed has current heating as well as air too. Grandmother immediately started planning the curtains she is going to sew for the windows as well as she directed Grampa as well as I to start making window boxes for flowers. I am cheerful both of us didn’t block any window with a window



ductwork sealing