It is always a constant-the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C Soothes a Weird Internal Temperature

Today is a charming day with sun and purple skies. It’s for sure warm. The temperature control is tipping toward the mid eighties however it still feels just lovely. While I still hear the ever present hum of Heating, Ventilation, and A/C units within our village, I also see people out playing tennis or riding bikes. It’s just a charming day to be alive playing outside. Yet, my child complains about the heat as she walks around in outdated hoodie she stole from me. She looked at myself and others as though I was simply cracked when I asked her to join myself and others for a short bike ride. It was as though I asked if she might savor hiking through broken glass. Meanwhile, our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C is pumping out the freezing air so she can stay comfortable in her layers and sweats. She is easily her own person. Good for her, we raised her to be herself. But, I fully don’t understand what is going on with her internal temperature control. It appears she has only about a 12 degree zone of comfort. If it’s below 82 degrees she wants the gas furnace running. However, if it’s above 73, it’s completely too hot to do anything at all. To her credit, she doesn’t go around complaining about the temperature. It’s just that I can so see it on her face or by the 6 layers of clothes she sleeps in. Actually, I have been discussing adding zone control to our existing Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan so she can at least be fully comfortable in her home office and lavatory. But maybe first, I’ll advise she take a few layers off when she’s hot. Then, maybe, put a quilt or a comforter on her bed at night.


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The trouble with oil heating systems as well as trailer parks

I have nothing against people who live in a trailer, then i used to live in a trailer too before I was finally able to transfer out, and however, since I became an Heating as well as A/C worker, I will tell you that when the two of us are asked to repair the oil furnace in a trailer in our town, it consistently makes myself and others a little nervous as well as angry, but the complication with trailers is that people don’t realize that trailers are not the most efficient lake beach house when it comes to heating as well as cooling.

  • They try to treat them as a normal beach house with a normal oil furnace as well as central cooling system, but they aren’t.

I can’t tell you how multiple calls I have acquired from disgruntled customers who complain that their oil furnace isn’t keeping their trailer moderate enough or that their oil furnace is making their electric bill way higher than they think it should, but somehow, they think that their oil furnace is broken, as well as I have to “fix” their oil furnace to make their bills cheaper, and what they don’t realize is that the trailer is the problem. Since trailers are made cheaply as well as since they have bad insulation, trailers lose heat a lot faster than normal houses. This means that when you are using your oil furnace, you are spending more money in a trailer than in a beach house because you are losing that heat, but your oil furnace is not broken, it just isn’t running in an efficient house. There is a reason why trailers are so much cheaper than houses. If you live in a trailer as well as your oil furnace is driving your bills up, you truly shouldn’t call an Heating as well as A/C worker. You either need to suck it up or live in a real house.

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I can’t sit when people use the air conditioner too much.

I think that it is far worse to turn your air conditioner on to a higher setting than necessary than to use your furnace too often.

Sweating is not awful for the body.

When you sweat, you are naturally cooling yourself off while also getting rid of harmful toxins. If you adjust your temperature control to make your furnace extremely warm, you will begin to sweat, plus your body will be healthier because of it. However, when you adjust your temperature control to a colder setting plus make the new home cold cold, you will make pretty much everyone assume annoyed. There is nothing worse than walking into a new home that is cold cold. You can’t get comfortable no matter what you do, however you also don’t want to ask people to turn the air conditioner down, because people get legitimately defensive about their air conditioners. Sleeping is even harder with an air conditioner than a furnace… People can sleep when it is a little too warm, even if it may take them a while. However, if the air conditioner is running plus it is too cold, you will toss plus turn the entire night, not being able to sleep; Air conditioners need to be used at a sufficient level if you want pretty much everyone to be comfortable. Air conditioners are a relatively new invention, plus people aren’t required to have air conditioners to survive. The two of us would entirely all do better if all of us monitored our use of the air conditioner to make sure that all of us aren’t making pretty much everyone too cold, moderation is the key to Heating, Ventilation plus A/C units.

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Planning to move to an area where I can rely on a heat pump

I hope to someday live in an area where the temperature never drops anywhere near freezing

I absolutely hate the cold winter weather. Unfortunately, I live in the northeastern part of the country, where the weather is absolutely brutal. Our winters tend to last for approximately eight months. By the end of August, we often need to start up the furnace and we keep it running until April or May. It’s not unheard of for the temperature to remain below freezing, with no relief, for months at a time. We sometimes get temperatures down to 25 below zero and the wind chill makes it dangerous to be outside. Along with the bitter cold, we deal with a huge snow accumulation. Nearly every single day it’s necessary to shovel the sidewalks, plow the driveway and scrape ice off the windshield of the car. I try to avoid being outside as much as possible. I don’t like to ski, snowmobile or ice skate. I hide inside, bundled up in sweaters with the furnace blasting. I don’t care that my heating bills are enormous. I refuse to shiver and be even more miserable because of the weather. It’s bad enough that my hair is frizzy, my lips chapped and my skin itchy because of the overly dry air. My goal is to eventually move far enough south that I could handle my year round temperature control with a heat pump. A heat pump doesn’t burn fossil fuels to generate heat. It simply moves existing heat from one place to another. This type of heating and cooling system is super energy efficient, safe, clean and environmentally friendly. However, it’s only effective until the outside temperature drops below freezing. It’s not possible to get by with a heat pump in my current location. I hope to someday live in an area where the temperature never drops anywhere near freezing. I’d prefer to run the heat pump in cooling mode for the majority of the year.


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I’d like to replace my furnace with radiant floor heating

The radiant system is entire concealed beneath the floor, taking up no living space, never detracting from the decor and there’s no need to arrange furniture around the vents

I would like to install radiant floor heating throughout my whole house. Unfortunately, it’s not financially viable to remove the furnace and duct system, pull down walls and tear up floors. Because my home is already outfitted with a forced air furnace, I’m stuck with this type of heating. I don’t like that the ductwork rattles, wheezes and definitely wastes a tremendous amount of heat. It’s impossible to keep that network of pipes perfectly clean. Mice, bugs, webs, dust, mold, mildew and all sorts of disgusting stuff is typically concealed inside. Whenever the furnace starts up, air passes through those dirty pipes and picks up contaminants. These allergens are then spread to every room in the house and breathed by my family, creating a health risk. There’s also the problem of heat naturally rising. When the hot air pours from the vents, it rises straight up to the ceiling and only falls back down once it has cooled. This means that the lowest temperature in the room is near the floor, where the people are. I then need to set higher thermostat settings, which costs more money in energy bills. By comparison, radiant heating spreads the heat very evenly across the floor. The heat is infused rather than blown in, reducing stratification. Every object sitting on the floor is warmed and then also radiates heat. It’s possible to keep a lower thermostat setting and enjoy superior comfort. The radiant system is entire concealed beneath the floor, taking up no living space, never detracting from the decor and there’s no need to arrange furniture around the vents. Radiant heating doesn’t introduce air contaminants, operates silently and requires no maintenance. It also allows for the easy set up of zone control, facilitating superior cost savings and comfort.

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Passing out water at the end of the race

The church was having a fundraiser at the end of the month and they requested a bunch of volunteers.

I was happy to lend a helping hand, and I offered the services of both of my boys as well. They are 11 and 15, and they find a lot of ways to get into trouble. A weekend of volunteering for the church was the perfect way to give back to our community. On Saturday morning, the church was going to hold a 5K run to benefit the local hospital. I offered to stand outside and pass out water. Both of the boys were passing out water as well. At 9 in the morning, the heat index was already 101 degrees. The humidity outside was 74%, and the sky was filled with nothing but blue colors. The sun was beating down as soon as the race started. We had a total of 101 contestants in the 5K run. The race was completed in less than three hours, but most of the contestants dropped out early. With the hot temperatures and awful humidity, many people were feeling the effects of the sun. The church even opened the doors so people could sit inside in the cold air conditioning. The church earned a lot of money for the hospital, but many people left early due to the heat. Next time we have a fundraiser, we will have to keep things indoors so we can control the climate. Everyone would have been much happier inside in the air conditioning, and I think our entire event would have been much more successful.


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Working on new recipes makes me hot

I had to stop working in the kitchen, because the temperatures were so hot.

There is a big cooking competition at the end of the month and I have been working on a lot of new recipes. The kitchen is constantly busy and the oven has been running all day and all night. I’ve been working on a couple of new recipes that include eggplant, squash, onions, and marmalade. The combination might sound very strange, but it turns into a lovely casserole. Last week I was working on some pastries, when the ventilation fan above the range stopped working. At first, I thought the breaker might be tripped. I walked into the garage, moved the refrigerator, and assessed the breaker panel. Everything was in proper order, and none of the three breakers from the kitchen were tripped. There was no explanation for the ventilation fan to stop working. I performed some research online, and most of the answers included some electrical work. I decided to wait until my husband got home. When I told him about the ventilation problem, he was happy to grab some tools and work on the issue. He has a tool kit with many different items like screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, and ratchets. After an hour, the ventilation fan still wasn’t working. I had to stop working in the kitchen, because the temperatures were so hot. I didn’t want to run up the electrical bill by running the A/C more frequently. The next day, I decided to contact the HVAC company in our area. They installed a brand new ventilation fan in a few hours, and I am back to cooking all of the lovely treats, deserts, and cookies. I’m glad the problem wasn’t anything major, because that could have been a very expensive bill.

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The smells of Fall

Did you ever notice that each season has its own specific smell? When I think of spring, I think of the smell of flowers in bloom.

Summer brings to mind of the scent of a storm in the air and fresh ocean air.

Of course living along the coast has a lot to do with that. I think my favorite time of year where the smells remind me of family, cozy nights by the fire, and relaxing with a good book, has to be Fall. Fall has some very specific scents that remind me of these things. There is a crispness to the air on a cool Autumn morning that just makes everything seem peaceful. When I open the door I can smell the neighbors burning leaves and even that brings me comfort. There is another sent that comes to mind when fall arrives and that is of my heat being turned on for the first time. I’m not sure why but there is a specific smell to the heat registers when they turn on and warm up. I have a boiler that I use for heat so each room has its own baseboard heat register. In the spring I make sure to vacuum them out and clean the outer casing to make it ready for the following season. As I hear the warm water being pushed through the registers I I know that my home will soon be filled with the smell of the heat running. In reality is probably the fact that dust has built up on them over the summer but either way it is a comfort to me. It gives me peace of mind that my HVAC system is running properly and that is reason enough to enjoy that.

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Radiant heat improved the value of our cottage

The time has come to sell our cottage on the lake.

  • It is sad to see it go because we have had so many years of memories that have been made there.

The kids have all grown and moved away and no one has any interest in maintaining it any longer and my husband and I are of an age where we just can’t. We started looking around and seeing ways that we could improve the value of the place before we put it up for sale and one of the things that has always been an issue heating during the winter. Even though our Winters are fairly mild we normally weren’t at the cottage much so we simply used space heaters when we were there. Unfortunately this is not a good selling point and so we decided to contact an HVAC dealer about installing some form of permanent heat. When a representative came out to take a look at the place he started talking about the different types of HVAC equipment that was available and when we told him that we were going to be replacing the flooring throughout he had a great suggestion. He recommended that we install radiant heating throughout the flooring because this was an efficient, clean, and low maintenance alternative to installing a boiler, furnace, or even a gas fireplace. He said that not only would prospective buyers appreciate the fact that the entire cottage would be evenly warmed they would love the fact that the heating was virtually maintenance-free. The radiant flooring also does not take up any added space for the most part because the system we were looking at was electric. We would not have to install a boiler to keep the water heated or anything and so long as the power was on the place would be heated. This was a great solution and improve the value of the cottage significantly.



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Zone controlled cooling for bedrooms

I really love the summertime.

  • It brings up so many fond memories of lounging around with friends sipping cool Beverages and going on long walks after the sun sets at night.

It’s such a beautiful time of year for friendship and being social. Unfortunately for me, it’s not the best time of year for sleeping. I have always been a terrible sleeper in the middle of summer. I’m not sure if it’s something with the Stars or if it’s strictly the temperature and humidity. It seems like I can never be cool or dry enough at night to fall into a restful Slumber. I toss and turn and wake up covered in sweat almost every night. My sheets are always stained and needing a wash because I can’t seem to cool my own internal thermostat at night. This routinely has caused me to operate my air conditioning system intensively as the Sun starts to set. I want to cool down my house so I can finally hold on my body and get to sleep. However, that’s extremely expensive when you’re running a central air conditioning system. You really only need the cooling power in your bedrooms and instead you have to pump cool air into the entire home. Recently, I couldn’t take the added expense anymore. I called my local HVAC dealership and ask them what the chances were that I qualify for Zone control Cooling in my existing air duct setup. They came out and provided me with a quote and I jumped at the opportunity to improve my heating and cooling system. These days, my room is 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the house by 10 pm. I’m finally sleeping through the summer and my bank account is looking pretty cool.

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