Selling old HVAC units

After awhile I got pretty tired of working with air conditioners and the like so I stopped doing the business.

Selling old HVAC parts has been a hobby of mine for a few years now. It started out when I would go with my dad on trips and he would fix up AC units on the side. He used to be an HVAC technician, so he would check the internet and find people that needed to hire someone to fix their heating and cooling systems. His HVAC work would pay for our whole trip in just a few hours! I was always so impressed by this so I found a way to contribute. When we were on our trips, I would stop by the junkyard and pick up old HVAC units. Then I would take them apart and have a whole inventory of old HVAC parts. I then started an online selling account and I would sell HVAC parts from the road! We ended up making so much money between the two of us, that we took trips for years. We loved the odd little HVAC business we had, and we started to get tons of referrals. My dad even hired another HVAC technician just to help fulfill all of the calls we were getting. What started out as a hobby selling HVAC parts turned into a full time business. After awhile I got pretty tired of working with air conditioners and the like so I stopped doing the business. Now I just do it part time, because I realized that it’s pretty fun on a small scale. When I’m doing it all the time, I am not a big fan. I will probably get my HVAC parts business to be official and just hire someone to do what I am doing.

Cooling workman

Marketing my friend’s HVAC company

The first marketing I ever had was for my friends HVAC company, and it was pretty cool.

He didn’t pay me, but he installed a smart thermostat in my home for free, so it was a good trade.

I got some experience building ad campaigns, and he got a ton more customers for his HVAC business. In fact, after I did the campaign, which was an AC installation special, he got 340% more calls that month. He told me he had to hire 5 new HVAC technicians just to fulfill all of the work order he had. Now his HVAC business is huge, he had HVAC companies in 5 states. I like to think that my marketing work is part of the reason that his HVAC company is doing so well. He does all of my AC repairs for me, he is pretty grateful that I helped him. I am glad that I get free repairs on my heating and cooling system because those services can be pretty expensive. He even has an HVAC technician that comes out just to do routine maintenance twice a year! I’ve gotten so many energy saving tips from him, and my energy bill is the lowest it’s ever been. Whenever my friends ask me for HVAC business recommendations I always point them his way, and he does the same for my marketing business. We are both doing really well, and I thank him nearly everyday for my smart thermostat. I can turn it on before I get home and cool down my whole house. I love that thing!


a/c repair

office furniture!

I firmly think that effort trumps everything else, plus if you do a great job it should not matter at all what you look like, and the content of your character means more than anything else, that is how I was raised, but what I am coming to understand now is that not everyone feels this way, plus in general how you present yourself entirely does matter, but now that I run our own contractor I have become a lot more conscious of how I look plus come across, because that’s all some people care about.

Take for example the furniture in our office. When I was first starting up I decided to buy a random assortment of furniture from numerous odd stores… I didn’t buy broken, old, or used furniture, I just bargain shopped plus got things for a great price. What I found out later was that when up-to-date clients came in plus saw a random collection of disparate furniture instead of an office set, it provided them the wrong impression. The furniture made some people believe that I must not be genuinely great at our job, or else I would have better furniture… Since it was costing myself and others currency I went back out soon after plus invested currency in some high end furniture, to make our office look entirely classy, after that, contractor picked up, so while I can’t say that having nice furniture helps you succeed, I can say that having bad furniture can stop you from succeeding. Don’t cheap out when it comes to office furniture, because people do notice.

Rustic meets traditional

The band needs cooling

I used to be in a band, and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

I played guitar, and that’s how I met my best friend. We took guitar lessons together, and then he started playing the drums. We slowly formed a band as we found a singer. Our band was called the AC Goons, and the story is pretty funny. The band would practice every night in the basement where there were seriously hundreds of AC units. My friends dad was an HVAC technician and he would save old AC units when he went to install new ones. I was always amazed at how many AC units he had. Some of the air conditioners were really old, and some seemed to be in brand new condition. He didn’t have any heaters or anything else related to HVAC, it was literally just all AC units. The funniest part of it all was how hot his house always was! I figured that with a HVAC technician for a dad that the house would have the best cooling system possible. My friend explained that his dad was one of the busiest HVAC technicians around, people were always calling about installing new AC units and heaters, so he was constantly busy. He didn’t even have time to install a new AC unit in their house. Needless to say, we decided to name our band after all of the abandoned AC units in the house. Whenever I have problems with my cooling system I think back to the basement where I was surrounded by air conditioners.



ductless mini split

Working in the coffee shop and the heater

Working in a coffee shop is not as simple as it sounds.

  • First of all I have to make sure all of our clients are happy.

If they aren’t happy, I get a bad tips or a talking to from the boss. That’s why last week when I had an angry customer I got pretty scared about losing my job. The customer was going on and on about how cold it was in the shop. It is the middle of winter, so it’s bound to be cold I said. She was saying that she looked at the thermostat and it wasn’t even on. I went over and looked at the thermostat, and sure enough it wasn’t on. In the morning I had set the smart thermostat so that the AC was in the back of house and the dining room was heated. Now it appeared the heating and cooling system had stopped working all together. I couldn’t believe this, and called an HVAC technician. The customer said that she wanted the temperature to be hotter quicker than the HVAC technician could come. She was basically yelling about our heating system and threatening to sue us! It made no sense to me, but I went to work on the furnace to see if I could fix it. I realized that something was stuck in the furnace which had caused it to stop heating and trip the system. Then I looked at the AC unit and everything looked good. I went back over to the thermostat and installed new batteries just incase. I turned on the thermostat and prayed! After all of that the heating still didn’t turn on. I gave her a free drink, and waited for the HVAC technician to come and fix the furnace and AC.


The Puppy Chewed my Heater

My husband was supposed to be watching the dog at the time, so I blame him.

My husband and I recently moved into a new home. We love the house so much! It is huge! We have three kids and a couple dogs, so having a big house is a huge blessing to us. The weather where we live is rather cold most of the year, so the children play inside most of the time, and having a big house has made life much more enjoyable for them. Since moving into our new house, we have made many new friends. The neighborhood is full of the friendliest people you will ever meet. I made the mistake of volunteering to be the neighborhood dog sitter. My entire family loves dogs, so I thought it would be fun. All was great until we had to watch a puppy. This puppy was so cute but so naughty. I walked into my bedroom to find that he had chewed my space heater. My bedroom gets chilly at night time, so I bought a space heater a few months ago to help keep my room warm. The puppy had chewed through the cord, and he had chewed the plastic off of most of the frame of the heater. I could not believe it. My husband was supposed to be watching the dog at the time, so I blame him. He did feel really bad for what had happened, so he bought me a new heater. The puppy also chewed some of our couch legs which the owner paid to repair. After that incident, I vowed to never volunteer to watch puppies again.

a/c serviceman

Heating our Dog Room

My family and I just love dogs.

I have loved dogs since I was just a little girl, but my parents did not really like animals, so I was never allowed to have a dog of my own until I moved out of my parents house.

I got my first dog while I was in college. I rescued her from a pound. She passed away just a few years later at the ripe old age of eighteen. When my husband and I got married, we bought two dogs, and each of our kids has there own dog which means we have five dogs. I do not mind the dogs in the house sometimes, but I do not like them to be in the house 24/7 because it’s just too much work to take care of all of them along with my three kids. We have a nice, big room on the side of our garage that we have converted into a dog room. The only problem was that it did not have any heat. We love our dogs and we did not want them to have to stay in the room without heat during the winter months, so we decided to buy a couple space heaters. We attacked them to the wall with metal bars that my husband made. I did not want the dogs to burn themselves on the heaters or melt any of their beds. The heaters have done a really good job, and the only time we have to bring the dogs inside at night is if the temperatures drop below zero outside. We love our dogs, and they love their dog room especially now that it’s heated.


Air conditioner service

Zone control for the control freak

We had zone control systems installed at my house as a resolution to the “thermostat wars”. See, for years, my wife and I would constantly fight over what temperature the entire house should be set to. While I’m more of a warm body and tend to overheat, my wife is always cold and needs to be kept warm. I thought my argument was bulletproof, in that she can always put on a jacket while I can’t get get out of my own skin. However, she made a valid point – we shouldn’t have to be racking up a higher electric bill each month, just because I can’t use a ceiling fan to stay cool. So, we found a better resolution and decided to get the zone control thermostats installed in our house. There is now a thermostat in the kitchen, living room, and in our master bedroom. There is still a “master” thermostat that can override the temperature settings of the zone control units in each part of the house, but we agreed not to use it unless we absolutely had to. So, we’ve finally found peace! To be honest, I’m really liking the zone control approach anyway. The air conditioning seems to function much more effectively now that I can have it cool a single room at a time, and my wife is able to remain warm and comfortable in the living room at the same time.


Zone control for the control freak

Staying cool in the dry climate

The reality of living in the arid desert is a pretty surprising thing.

  • As someone who lived in a very cold, wet region of the country for most of my life, I’m always surprised by how hot and dry the area is where I live now.

I didn’t move here by choice, I’ll tell you that much! I came out here because I was transferred by my employer to a new facility. I don’t mind the pay raise that came with it, but this environment definitely takes some getting used to. One thing that did help immensely with keeping my home comfortable is installing a swamp cooler. Properly known as an evaporative cooler, this is a special form of air conditioning that relies on cool, humid air. It works like a cool humidifier that you’d keep in a baby nursery, but on a much larger scale! The hot dry air of the region is pulled into the evaporative cooling system using a fan built into the unit. As the air is pulled in, the air gets cooled and humidified by damp pads inside the unit which are kept cold. The result is a relaxing cool mist that disperses through the house, and adds a level of moisture that makes the home far more comfortable. Ever since I started using this swamp cooler, I’ve noticed that my air quality inside the house is far better than it ever was. The best part is, the unit is incredibly cost-efficient when it comes to energy use! I’m glad I was told about this swamp cooler by a coworker, otherwise I’d still be struggling to breathe in my own home.

Cooling technician

The price you pay for peace of mind

Peace of mind is a commodity that has almost no price.

When it comes to keeping your car in perfect shape, you have to take it to the mechanic when it is expected and make sure everything checks out.

The same goes for your home’s heating and air conditioning system, which should be routinely inspected and tuned up to ensure it is running just as it should. I learned this lesson the hard way when I moved into my first house, as I didn’t really consider the difficulties that would come with having responsibility for my HVAC system. For the entire first year that I lived in that house, I never had the heating or air conditioning system tuned up or even inspected. I never even replaced the air filter! I know, it’s a shame. After a year of neglect, I began to notice how the air quality in my home was getting worse. Before long, it was downright headache-inducing to be in the house! I finally broke down, and scheduled a check-up with my local heating, ventilation and air conditioning service providers. The technician they sent to my home was cordial and very polite, insisting on checking every single nook and cranny of the heating and A/C system for issues. By the end of his inspection, he found a few small issues – and one very big problem, which was the outdoor A/C unit being on its last leg! To be fair, that was due mostly to wear and tear over the years, but I still felt like I could have caught it earlier and prolonged the life of the outdoor A/C unit if I had the inspection sooner. Lesson learned!


Air conditioner installation