Getting the heating system looked over

I’ve had this same old gas heating system in my house for about ten years now. It’s been reliable enough, however I have to admit that lately, there seems to be this odd odor coming from the ventilation HVAC duct throughout the apartment every time it runs. I used to think that there could’ve been […]

I just need to get our HVAC certification

I always had a knack for repairing various machine around our household when I was growing up. I especially took an interest in heating and cooling equipment. That’s when I started learning more and more about repairing gas furnaces and air conditioning machines. The first air conditioning machine that I ever fixed was entirely a […]

Opening windows with the heater on

In university there was always that 1 kid that would open a window. I went to school in the north, so that meant cold, snow and ice. The serious cold would warrant lots of heating in university. Most of the kids in university got their way paid for. So those students would guess nothing of […]

Grand opening for the Mexican restaurant

The buzz about neighborhood is all surrounding the Grand Opening of the current Mexican restaurant. The two of us have several pizzarias, burger joints, and even a couple of Chinese venues which are fantastic however it is time for a change. The two of us have never had any sort of Mexican venue, ever. The […]

Leaking HVAC plan

My niece plays softball for a local community school; She has games on Mondays and Thursdays, and our wife and I try to go to one each week. She is a really talented individual, and she has been playing softball ever since she was 8 years old. She got a scholarship to attend school for […]

The HVAC has a leak in it

It was stiflingwarminside of the room, plus the entire towel was soaked in brown goo My niece plays softball for a local community university… She has games on Mondays plus Wednesdays, plus our partner plus I try to go to 1 each week. She is a certainly talented individual, plus she has been playing softball […]

How do I work it?

Each year, during a chop from school, our grandchildren come to visit for 2 weeks. I have many grandsons plus 1 granddaughter plus they are between the ages of six plus eleven. Entertaining them for the entire time takes a lot of energy for sure. My granddaughter, the six year aged is self-explanatory because she […]

I'm a control freak

Both of us had zone control systems installed at our condo as a resolution to the “temperature control wars”. See, for years, our spouse and I would constantly fight over what temperature the entire condo should be set to. While I’m more of a sizzling body and tend to overheat, our spouse is regularly cold […]