able to get that furnace looked at

We’ve been putting off getting a modern gas furnace system for a long time now, but it’s finally time that all of us just do it, and you feel that you’re going to have to just provide up plus spend all that money when the time comes, but and for us, the time has come, […]

Puppy wants more heating

My family and I just love dogs… I have enjoyed dogs since I was just a little girl, however our parents did not actually prefer pets, so I was never allowed to have a dog of our own until I moved out of our parents house. I got our first dog while I was in […]

Get ready

For years I have been telling people to prepare for emergency situations. We live in an part that gets a lot of brutal storms in addition to sometimes we get tornadoes. When going through these emergency situations, you entirely need to have the respected things to be ready, however you should have a food storage […]

Getting the gas furnace checked out

I’ve had this same aged gas gas furnace in our beach apartment for about ten years now. It’s been reliable enough, however I have to admit that lately, there seems to be this strange stink coming from the ventilation ducttoil throughout the apartment every time it runs. I used to guess that there could’ve been […]

I just need to get the HVAC license

I regularly had a knack for repairing several equipment around our household when I was growing up. I especially took an interest in heating and cooling equipment. That’s when I started studying more and more about repairing gas oil furnaces and A/C machines. The first A/C machine that I ever fixed was easily a window […]

Helping them out

My uncle has been dealing with this immune system disorder for the past few months now… He was doing nice in addition to was on the road to reclaimy, however after he recently fell down in his bathroom, he’s now back to being on bedrest. We all take turns stopping by his house to tend […]

Waiting for the a/c

When I found the exact air conditioning device model I wanted to bring apartment and have installed, I found out that the device was on backorder due to parts being unavailable to manufacture this unit, then when I first heard that it was on backorder, I didn’t quite understand what that meant! At first, I […]

The guy installs and removes old a/c units

As an artist I am always looking for inspiration and ideas. I have an exhibit coming up, and I haven’t created anything for it yet. I was talking to my friend about it yesterday and he gave me a great idea. He is an HVAC technician, and told me when he installs AC units, he […]