Working on new recipes makes me hot

I had to stop working in the kitchen, because the temperatures were so hot. There is a big cooking competition at the end of the month and I have been working on a lot of new recipes. The kitchen is constantly busy and the oven has been running all day and all night. I’ve been […]

The smells of Fall

Did you ever notice that each season has its own specific smell? When I think of spring, I think of the smell of flowers in bloom. Summer brings to mind of the scent of a storm in the air and fresh ocean air. Of course living along the coast has a lot to do with […]

Free AC is the best AC

The best things in life are free, right? That’s what I always say. I love getting things for free. One of my favorite activities is driving around in my van and picking things up off the curb around town. People consistently get rid of really excellent stuff by throwing it out on their own. Sometimes […]