Marketing my friend’s HVAC company

The first marketing I ever had was for my friends HVAC company, and it was pretty cool. He didn’t pay me, but he installed a smart thermostat in my home for free, so it was a good trade. I got some experience building ad campaigns, and he got a ton more customers for his HVAC […]

Selling old HVAC units

After awhile I got pretty tired of working with air conditioners and the like so I stopped doing the business. Selling old HVAC parts has been a hobby of mine for a few years now. It started out when I would go with my dad on trips and he would fix up AC units on […]

office furniture!

I firmly think that effort trumps everything else, plus if you do a great job it should not matter at all what you look like, and the content of your character means more than anything else, that is how I was raised, but what I am coming to understand now is that not everyone feels […]

The band needs cooling

I used to be in a band, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I played guitar, and that’s how I met my best friend. We took guitar lessons together, and then he started playing the drums. We slowly formed a band as we found a singer. Our band was called […]

The Puppy Chewed my Heater

My husband was supposed to be watching the dog at the time, so I blame him. My husband and I recently moved into a new home. We love the house so much! It is huge! We have three kids and a couple dogs, so having a big house is a huge blessing to us. The […]

Heating our Dog Room

My family and I just love dogs. I have loved dogs since I was just a little girl, but my parents did not really like animals, so I was never allowed to have a dog of my own until I moved out of my parents house. I got my first dog while I was in […]

If it means a lot to you

My wife is the single most important person in my life. I know, I know – everyone says that their spouse is the greatest thing in their lives, but my wife is truly the reason I’m even here today! With her being so important to me, I go out of my way to make sure […]

The price you pay for peace of mind

Peace of mind is a commodity that has almost no price. When it comes to keeping your car in perfect shape, you have to take it to the mechanic when it is expected and make sure everything checks out. The same goes for your home’s heating and air conditioning system, which should be routinely inspected […]

Staying cool in the dry climate

The reality of living in the arid desert is a pretty surprising thing. As someone who lived in a very cold, wet region of the country for most of my life, I’m always surprised by how hot and dry the area is where I live now. I didn’t move here by choice, I’ll tell you […]