Supermarkets need zone control

Everyone has a list that they bring to the supermarket. Everything seems to be in place. You gather a few items, head towards your car plus then towards the direction of the store. As soon as you step foot inside you are blasted with super cold air. Obviously, their air conditioning must be set way […]

No AC at the outdoor concert

A month ago, I paid a little over 100 dollars for an upcoming concert. My number one band had been hopping all over the map, but they finally came to my city last week. When I heard they were finally coming to my town, I squealed with joy. When the day had come, I was […]

The furnace repair was difficult

It was a bit past 12 at night, plus it is hard for myself and others to rest up, I tossed plus turned endlessly under my covers. It is in the dead heart of winter, plus my gas furnace decided to quit on me. It left me in the cold. I decided to get up […]

The only female HVAC specialist

I had been toiling at my job for around three weeks. Already, my coworkers are judging me and I don’t have any friends. I went into the HVAC corporation because of my mama insisted I had a skill set with heating and cooling tools. She was the master of repairing things, anything that could be […]

Need to get the AC cleaned often

In life, most people are busy. Whether it be worrying about the job, the next bills to pay, or taking care of the children, there is always something that needs to be done. Because of this, people often forget that some things require frequent service. There are common things such as cell PCs, TV plus […]

What style of furnace do you want?

When it comes to purchasing a house, there are a lot of pressing things to think about. Cost, the size or if it’s a good area. Something you may not think about is your gas heater. You should look at what could be your future gas heater in the home. There have been scary stories […]

The lack of AC on the cruise

Recently I went on a cruise. I am a history enthusiast plus I was happy to see the famous historic sites at one of the excursions. I had been saving up for this trip for weeks, the idea of cruising the deep sea was quite exciting. It started out easy plus sweet, I showed my […]

Plus sides to hybrid heating and air

Each house has their own requirements to staying hot plus cool. Different types of houses need different types of heating systems plus air conditioning. For instance, a smaller house could use a window A/C due to it only being able to keep small spaces cool. A larger house might want to use a central air […]