I need a thermal curtain

I have made an effort this year to take advantage of a few holiday sales. I wanted to get as many deals as I needed to. Although, this is limited to gifts plus necessities only. For example, I needed a bigger iPad since the late summer. I got the model I wanted for $200 less […]

What kind of a/c do I need?

Anyone who doesn’t already have a central air conditioner more than likely owns a portable AC, a tiny AC, or ductless mini split, or some variation of those options Living in the south, moderate weather is consistently frustrating for me. I was born and raised in the northern midwest plus spent the better portion of […]

What kind of heating do we use?

For the longest time, I have struggled with locating effective ways to keep our southern home moderate in our on again, off again Winter time weather. Sometimes it gets as cold as the low 40s. This is during the night hours and the low 50s are in the morning. But, a week of freezing weather […]

Trying to renovate and older home

When I purchased a home built in the 1920s to renovate, I could have never guessed the degree of work that would be required to get this venue livable. My neighbor plus eventual roommate assured me that he had the time, effort, plus tools to finish everything without us needing outside assistance. But, even with […]

I don’t count that as an a/c repair

My experience with landlords in the past has been hit and miss. On the 1 hand, I have had quite a few hits. These landlords were all easy going plus dependable people. If I had a problem in my rental unit, I never feared calling them plus getting a run around over basic necessities plus […]

So many features on my thermostat

I am really impressed by current tech. When I purchased our 1st touchscreen device about 8 years back, I was instantly floored by the ease of use plus the number of things built into such a small plus handy device. Having access to the internet, wherever I go, when I want it, was a game […]

Why the package system was a good idea

My best friend has been residing in the same small apartment for a few years. It’s a ground floor unit with no lofts above or below. There is only 1 to the north end since she happens to live in an end component. The whole building was constructed sometime in the late 90s, but it […]

Getting a weird but great gift

My mother and father often send me strange or untraditional packages during the year. One example is a giant magnet I have only used a handful of times since they gifted it to me 10 years ago. Recently they purchased me a special crock pot to cook miniature pieces of veggies without getting them stuck […]

Making a fence around the a/c

I spent a good portion of last month improving the feel of my backyard. Aside from the normal turf and weed trimming, I decided to cut back several of the trees in front of our house that are out of control from years of abuse. My buddy complimented the new look which set me on […]

The set up on the a/c plan

Occasionally my anxiety gets the better of me, typically when I have a strenuous or stressful chore to handle. Even the idea of raking the leaves in the yard after the first sign of Fall each year is enough to raise my blood pressure and get me anxious. Although, once the grueling process is over […]