The meeting was a disaster, and I blame the A/C

This week was intended to be our biggest morning at the office ever. This week was the morning that the boss asked myself and others to supply a very pressing and important presentation. This was going to be the first major presentation that I had ever done, and I was particularly nervous. I was afraid […]

Showering with a dehumidifier running

My biggest problem is that I worry way too much about life. I am always distraught that I will be late, ruin something, not figure a problem out, or fail at everything in general. In order to stop this from happening, I spend the vast majority of our free time setting things up to try […]

As a rental manager, I have HVAC issues

I am the property manager and landlord of nearly 3 dozen apartments in duplexes in our city, and I can confidently say that this job is much harder than people may realize. I have to make decisions about so several things with these rental homes and properties. It is harder for myself and others than […]