The benefit of working late alone

When you work late at the office you have a lot of benefits if you are alone. One of the main ones is the peace and quiet without having to deal with tons of people all over the place! This can make getting your work loads done a lot faster without being bothered by anyone. […]

They get richer and we get poorer

Something really bugs me I have to tell you. And that is how a lot of corporations are always raising their prices constantly! Especially when it comes to heating and air conditioning service! My local heating and air conditioning company has been rising their prices so much it getting almost impossible to get any kind […]

Tired from allergies

My allergies are always keeping me awake at night. It gets to be quite a bit. Especially this time of the year! Having allergies is tough as it is. But when you get no sleep because of it, it’s even worse! This is why I finally found a viable solution to battle the allergies. This […]

My arms were frozen in our jackets

When our heat went out last year, every one of us had a hard time getting an HVAC tech to come to our home. Both of us had a terrible blizzard that month that had left most of the back roads blocked and unable to be travelled. Both of us lived in a rural area […]

He was hunting for a few nice men

I had to laugh at the advertisement for the local Heating, Ventilation & A/C dealer. They had an elaborate presentation of what the Heating, Ventilation & A/C dealer did. They talked about how efficient their crew was & that no a single had to wait for more than an hour to have an Heating, Ventilation […]

Don’t Forget to Size the HVAC

The people I was with and I have finally reached the phase where it is time to upgrade our HVAC system. The outdated HVAC component has been enjoyable but it is on a steep downward spiral. The utility costs have jumped up dramatically and the maintenance call are far more frequent just to keep it […]