A HEPA style filter

I absolutely care about new technology, but sometimes my expectations far exceed what is even adequate when I purchase a new piece of hardware. My laptop for instance is a hybrid tablet with a collapsible keyboard that is connected… I studied a bunch of reviews for months leading up to my final purchase in addition […]

I love this HVAC system

On my social media pages, I like to talk about things that are going on in my life, i don’t prefer to post boring stuff prefer what I’m munching on for dinner or dinner, I prefer to post things that are significant. With that being said, recently I was able to post the fact that […]

Get nice office furniture!

I firmly believe that effort trumps everything else, and if you do a good job it should not matter at all what you look like. The content of your character means more than anything else, that is how I was raised. What I am coming to understand now is that not everyone feels this way, […]

Ductwork assistance

There are blank spots between the bricks because that’s the way crawl spaces are built, supposedly those are needed in order to keep wonderful air flow beneath the house! But I have obstructed some of them with wood, as well as the others, the handyman has obstructed with chicken wire type stuff. I own this […]

Getting some duct sealing

I have owned a condo for 16 years, as well as I have gotten destroyed ductwork a ton of times over those 16 years that I have owned the condo! How does my ductwork get destroyed you are probably wondering? Well, feral and stray cats as well as other wild animals find their way under […]

The duct sealing date

I own some property and one of the houses I specifically keep for a rental property. My plan is to actually live in that one when it comes time for me to retire. However, I will tell you that there is something that keeps actually happening with this one house that I have and use […]

Ruined air vents

I have a home that I use for a rental. My plan is to move into it when I retire from my job. I really like it. I have owned the home for somewhere around 12 years, though I have gotten destroyed ductwork 4 times! How does the ductwork in the home get destroyed, you […]

Destroyed Ductwork

They get determined and they always find their way under my house so they can destroy my ductwork once again I own this cute little house about 45 minutes away from my office. It is much too far to commute every day, and I haven’t been able to sell the house for enough money, so […]

Honeybees and air ducts

This went down because the mean bees built their little house right where the air duct turned to go into that area of the apartment my friend was moving into I was really feeling ecstatic that my pal was moving in a new apartment soon, because the other place where he lived was in a […]