We forgot about resetting the thermostat

My supplier recently acquired the most insane electric bill that either of us have ever gotten. I could try to issue a complaint that this is the unfortunate effect of the worsening economy that is making it much harder to survive in financial terms. However, this bill was easily the result of human error in […]

A bad time for the air conditioner to stop working

Earlier this month was supposed to be my most immense afternoon at the office. This month was the afternoon that the boss had asked myself and others to supply a crucial Powerpoint presentation. This was the 1st Powerpoint presentation that I had ever done, & I was easily nervous. I was so afraid that I […]

I am done using non-digital air conditioners

I currently own a non-digital air conditioner for my home, for which I am easily grateful. It is a window “box” style component air conditioner, & it gives relief from the heat for an awfully long time. Before this current air conditioner, I was a slave to the intense heat of the south. However, I […]