Burning the last candle

I was clearly working too much, and it was starting to affect my health In my field of expertise, the two of us are always much busier while in the summer time weeks than the Winter time weeks… Most of the reason is the section where I live; I specialize in AC repair, replacement, and […]

Running on the last leg

In our field of knowledge, we are always much busier while I was in the Summer weeks than the Winter weeks, however most of the reason is the area where I live, and i specialize in AC repair, replacement, and set up, during the Summer weeks, we are always busy with AC repairs, setups, and […]

Zone control when you need it

The people I was with and I had zone control systems installed at our apartment as a resolution to the “temperature control wars”. See, for years, our wifey and I would constantly fight over what temperature the entire apartment should be set to. While I’m more of awarmbody and tend to overheat, our wifey is […]

Our dry weather conditions

The reality of living in the arid desert is a pretty surprising thing. As someone who lived in a entirely cold, wet region of the country for most of our life, I’m always surprised by how sizzling plus dry the part is where I live now. I didn’t tranathletic interest here by choice, I’ll tell […]

If it means that much

My fiance is the single most pressing woman in our life. I know, I guess – most people says that their fiance is the greatest thing in their lives, however our fiance is certainly the reason I’m even here today! With her being so pressing to me, I go out of our way to make […]

Marketing my friend’s HVAC corporation

The first advertising I ever had was for my friends HVAC corporation, as well as it was pretty cool, and she didn’t pay me, however she installed a smart control component in my house for free, so it was a enjoyable trade, however i got some experience building ad campaigns, as well as she got […]

The customer isn’t always right

This guy really wasn’t In the mood to take no for an answer, and he ended up threatening to give me a one-star review and filed a complaint to my manager at work unless I gave him a huge discount on the air conditioning unit Working as an HVAC repair Tech in a small town, […]

Taking care of mom and dad

Ever since early January I have been saving up a few hundred dollars per month for something special. I had to stop eating out at restaurants, cut back on shopping, and I even quit going out on the weekends to make sure I saved up enough cash. This wasn’t for a sports car for down […]