Being cold all the time is a pain

I just don’t get why I am cold. It does not make sense that someone at my age is always cold. I seem to feel cold, when by rights, I honestly should not be. I can be at home or at the office or out on a date or at an establishment somewhere with a […]

Best gift ever for my parents

I got the best present for my parents this year. I visited them early that December as well as I couldn’t help but see just how brisk it was in their home. It felt as if the heating component was barely on at all. That turned out to be pretty close to the reason. The […]

Offering stray animals heating

One winter ago, on an evening coming condo from work, I discovered a small rabbit on my doorstep. I have never seen the rabbit around the neighborhood before, but there the poor rabbit was looking right at myself and others as well as scratching at the door incessantly. I might have ignored the rabbit if […]

Spoiled with the home HVAC

It barely lasted more than 3 months before it quit on me entirely. When I went off on my own, if there is 1 thing I missed about my mom and dad’s loft the most, it was how relaxing their temperature control component was. I did not know I was being spoiled when I was […]

Why would you ever go camping?

I have a difficult time relating to men and women that don’t find temperature control to be necessary, even in dire hot as well as cold temperatures. I have a buddy who seems to make a habit of taking modern comfort as a general rule. But again, they definitely prefer the relaxing outdoors as well […]

My HVAC is so much better than theirs

They then begin chatting about how inferior their own Heating as well as Air Conditioning units were in comparison to my own as well as that’s when I figured out the reason for it, my loft was the most comfortable out of most people’s, largely due to how powerful my Heating as well as Air […]

Her SUV AC was the best

One summer ago, Cora and I decided to take a nice, long road trip to the south so we could enjoy hot weather, hot men and hot sand. Cora and I both live in the upper north and driving to the lowest point in the south was going to be quite the undertaking. I was […]

The south is paradise

My best friend Ryan lives on the southernmost point. Ryan lives in a section with low humidity and cool to moderate temperatures all year-round. The temperature range is around 60 and 78 degrees throughout the year. Ryan brags that he barely ever has to use any form of climate control in such an environment. There […]

Need to have a good heater in my area

The cold season is rather unforgiving around here. Winter is basically the season for staying inside where I live. The freezing temperatures and the snow pretty much demand it. The christmas postcards look nice, but the more realistic 1s for where I live would have much more snow piled everywhere in a more overwhelming and […]

Watch sports from your own home

Why do people pay so much money to see a sporting event? I will never understand it as long as I live. Except for the cable bill you pay, you can watch that exact game for free from the comfort of your home. You get all of the best camera angles to see all of […]