A good window A/C device

I went against my family’s advice when I obtained a a single living room lodge on a rural lake instead of the suburban home my aunt provided to sell me at a discount. It’s not that I hated the thought of living in a neighborhood predominantly populated by people with ages double that of mine. […]

Loving the creatures in my neighborhood

Moving to my current neighborhood was a real treat. I lived in a crowded neighborhood in a medium sized city, just a stone’s throw away from a tied up highway with constant street noise. By contrast, my current home is in a beautiful, partially rural neighborhood where every other lot is densely filled with trees […]

Necessity of official humidity

When all of us found out that by adding humidity into the house, all of us would be able to lower the temperature control, all of us figured all of us were onto something. The people I was with and I saved a couple hundred dollars that winter, when all of us added the humidity. […]

The music dudes want cooling

I used to be in a band, in addition to it was one of the best experiences of my life. I played guitar, in addition to that’s how I met my best friend. The two of us took guitar lessons together, in addition to then he started playing the drums. The two of us slowly […]

Using tax help with a/c

Praise the lord and pass the ammunition, the tax refund check has finally arrived! Forgive our exuberance although I have been waiting for a while now, and this money is sorely needed, then of course it is consistently sorely needed, and it seems every year I wait with baited breath for it to show up […]

loves the HVAC work

My partner Tony undoubtedly prefers her task. I guess that’s a great thing, since you mostly hear people complaining about their tasks! Not Tony, though. She is living the dream, working as a heating in addition to cooling serviceman here in town. The local Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C company that she works for […]

Getting the heating system looked over

I’ve had this same old gas heating system in my house for about ten years now. It’s been reliable enough, however I have to admit that lately, there seems to be this odd odor coming from the ventilation HVAC duct throughout the apartment every time it runs. I used to think that there could’ve been […]

Waiting around for a/c

When I found the exact a/c unit model I wanted to bring house in addition to have installed, I found out that the unit was on backorder due to parts being unavailable to manufacture this unit… When I first heard that it was on backorder, I didn’t quite understand what that meant. At first, I […]

I just need to get our HVAC certification

I always had a knack for repairing various machine around our household when I was growing up. I especially took an interest in heating and cooling equipment. That’s when I started learning more and more about repairing gas furnaces and air conditioning machines. The first air conditioning machine that I ever fixed was entirely a […]