Benefits of threading your eyebrows

Nobody wants to have eyebrows smaller than a pair of tweezers. Weirdly enough the middle east is amazing when it comes to hair removal. Did you know that sugar waxing and threading came from the middle east? Apparently those ladies were smarter at coming up with ways to get rid of pesky hairs. Mainly in […]

Ductwork has an odd smell

The other day, the temperature outside was really cold; The weather had been cooling off for a few weeks, however on this particular day, every one of us decided that every one of us needed to go ahead and turn up the temperature control so that the heating method would turn on, i really didn’t […]

Issue with our heater

This week, the weather started cooling down plus the two of us got actually chilly inside our house… Even though I love to wait until the last minute to turn our heating on in the winter, I decided to go ahead plus turn up the temperature control because all of our kids kept telling myself […]