Youth fitness- wrestlers are the best ones

I teach youth fitness at the training center in town.

I work with the middle school and high school sports teams over the summer to get the athletes in shape.

I work with a wide variety of ages and athletes. What is interesting is that my favorite is the highschool wrestling team. I like working with the older boys because they listen better. The boys all want to be in peak physical condition for their sport. They also don’t have to worry about competing with each other. Most teams have boys and girls around the same age and body types. So everyone is competing and trying to be the best one. It creates bad energy and a lot of discouragement. With the wrestlers they are all different weight classes. So while one boy can lift more, the other boy has more stamina. They also act more as a team than the other kids. The boys all like being in a whole group and getting exercises from me. But, they don’t mind being put in a one and one situation to target areas of their body that need work. Lastly, the nutritional programs work with my exercises. Most of the teams totally ignore what I say diet wise. I think because the wrestlers weight is a big deal, they take what I say to heart. They religiously follow the program and see the best results. The boys either need to cut or gain weight or they can’t wrestle. So they really try and do everything I say. They are all just wonderful to work with.

Personal Fitness Trainer