Working in the Tim Hortons Latte shop in addition to the heater

Working in a Tim Hortons Latte shop is not as easy as it sounds… First of all I have to make sure all of our clients are glad; If they aren’t glad, I get a bad tips or a talking to from the boss! That’s why Last weekwhen I had an angry client I got pretty scared about losing my task.

The client was going on in addition to on about how cold it was in the shop.

It is the middle of winter, so it’s bound to be cold I said; She was saying that she looked at the temperature control in addition to it wasn’t even on. I went over in addition to looked at the temperature control, in addition to sure enough it wasn’t on. In the afternoon I had set the smart temperature control so that the AC was in the back of apartment in addition to the living room was heated. Now it appeared the heating in addition to cooling system had stopped toiling all together. I couldn’t guess this, in addition to called an Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman. The client said that she wanted the temperature to be hotter quicker than the Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman could come. She was basically yelling about our furnace in addition to threatening to sue us! It made no sense to me, although I went to work on the furnace to see if I could repair it. I realized that something was stuck in the furnace which had caused it to stop heating in addition to trip the system. Then I looked at the AC component in addition to everything looked good. I went back over to the temperature control in addition to installed current batteries just incase. I turned on the temperature control in addition to prayed! After all of that the heating still did not turn on. I provided her a free drink, in addition to waited for the Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman to come in addition to repair the furnace in addition to AC.


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