Wintertide trip in a sizzling tropical location

My family lives absolutely close to the border with another country.

  • The temperatures are almost always cold, and the Wintertide weather can be almost unbearable.

My partner and I grew up here and the people I was with and I have never known anything different. When the people I was with and I got married, the people I was with and I decided to take a honeymoon to a warm, tropical location. My partner and I did not really guess what to expect. Every one of us learn information about the location, however the people I was with and I never really saw the beach, ocean, or warm, tropical weather. Our accommodations were absolutely nice. Every one of us had a wonderful resort right on the water, with a private room, balcony, and central a/c. The resort had several pools, lunch in bed, and an in-new home masseuse. My partner and I were absolutely gleeful to arrive, until the people I was with and I stepped off the plane. Every one of us were completely shocked by the humid temperatures. My partner could barely breathe, and his hair was curly and frizzy during the entire week long getaway. Even with the a/c running during the day, my partner and I were still miserably uncomfortable. The temperatures were hot and the humidity made things much worse. Every one of us barely left our room unless the people I was with and I went to another location with an a/c, but luckily, most of the bars and restaurants had central climate control. At the end of 7 mornings, my partner and I were ready to come back home. When the people I was with and I finally stepped off the plane back home, the people I was with and I were gleeful for the chilly temperatures and brisk breeze. I don’t feel my partner and I will ever go there again, however it was a fun excursion for our honeymoon.