Why would you ever go camping?

I have a difficult time relating to men and women that don’t find temperature control to be necessary, even in dire hot as well as cold temperatures.

I have a buddy who seems to make a habit of taking modern comfort as a general rule. But again, they definitely prefer the relaxing outdoors as well as going to the woods camping. I have begun to suspect that they would live in the wooded areas if they could get away with it! Perhaps I would be able to understand my friends have it’s nicer if all of us lived in a more moderate as well as superb temperature. The woe is that around here, summers are pretty harsh as well as winters are quite brutal, then using temperature control kind of year round is just about expected around here. My buddy brags about using more basic methods of staying moderate or cool, then he thinks I am paying way too much to use as well as maintain a Heating as well as Air Conditioning component as well as the comfort that it gives myself and others is excessive as well as not necessary. I especially prefer having this chat as all of us chill out on my couch in the kitchen enjoying the cool air from the ac system unit. It reinforces the plan that I think he is pretty much deranged for not appreciating climate control. Maybe he pays considerably less on his utility bills. I don’t know what he does with that money.


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