What to do if the landlord won’t pay to repair the air conditioning system

The place I am currently renting is a dumpy home in the middle of a big city.

I recently moved into here because of the promotion i got for our job, however they told myself and others that I would be responsible for finding a new site in which to live.

They would only provide for the moving expenses. I lived in a small area, so the home there was relatively cheap, and I wasn’t able to afford a home in this massive city for the moment. A small home wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t so several other troubles with the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning units in the apartment. The air conditioning system hasn’t worked a minute since the first morning the landlord showed myself and others the apartment. That first morning, I swear the air conditioning system was running just fine. However, as soon as I paid up the cash, the air conditioning system stopped working altogether. I secretly guess that the landlord switched the air conditioning system in this home, however unfortunately, the tenant’s contract doesn’t mention that it is his responsibility to repair any air conditioning system, so I have had to purchase our own window units for this little apartment. I figured it was not worth the cash to have a Heating in addition to Air Conditioning worker repair the whole central air conditioning system, and if I bought our own air conditioning system, I would then be able to take them with me. The gas furnace is in awful shape, and I can’t get the landlord to repair it either. Though it is his responsibility to repair the gas furnace, he never returns our calls. The old gas furnace works periodically, and other times it doesn’t. The landlord seems to guess that until the old gas furnace dies completely, he doesn’t need to repair it. Hopefully, I will be able to quickly move out of this site and find something else that is nicer and has nicer Heating in addition to Air Conditioning units!

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