We play a game called vape roulette

My buddies and I have started playing a new party game, one you might really enjoy.

  • First, I need to tell you how we came up with it.

It started when all four of us decided to stop using tobacco. I smoked cigarettes, as did my best friend, and two of our other friends used chewing tobacco, and had done so for years. We all made a pact to help our bodies out a little bit, try and move away from carcinogens, and try something new. That’s how we all got into vaping, and two years later we all still do it. Now we play vape pen roulette, which is where all four of us load a different flavored pod in our equipment and put them on the table. The goal is to take a puff from all of the different vape pens and identify what flavor the pod is. Right away you think that it must be pretty easy, but you have no idea how many different styles of flavored pods there are on the market. Down at my vape shop, they get new flavors of pods every single week. Right now they have seventy different flavors of pre filled pods, with some really unusual flavors in the mix. There used to just be mango and cherry, but last time I checked there were 22 different fruit pod flavors available. The guys in the vape shop tell me they are learning how to mix and make their own custom flavored pods, so the future is bright for vape roulette.

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