We love going to Niagara Falls

My family and I love to visit Niagara Falls.

  • We love to visit all parts of the park and see the water falling from the brink.

There are also some nice things to do there and some good food to eat. My wife and I even got married at Niagara Falls because we love it there so much. It’s such a beautiful park and it’s one of the 7 wonders of the world! The last time we visited the park of Niagara Falls, the weather was scorching hot. My kids were becoming exhausted from walking around in the heat, so we stopped to get an ice-cold treat at an ice-cream vendor. They have all kinds of food vendors all around the area, and this place had some relaxing air conditioning with excellent air quality. When we were able to cool down with the relaxing A/C in the building we were at, we decided to go to the Maid of the Mist to enjoy the boat ride towards the Falls. It was something like being in a crazy rainstorm when we got to the base of the falls. It was rather refreshing on such a blazing hot day getting soaked from all the mist. After all of this, we ended up going to the Hard Rock Cafe which is located right there at the front of the Park. I really love that venue because the air quality is always great, and the temperature control settings are just right. They play good music and provide excellent service. I’ve never had any complaints!


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