We forgot about resetting the thermostat

My supplier recently acquired the most insane electric bill that either of us have ever gotten. I could try to issue a complaint that this is the unfortunate effect of the worsening economy that is making it much harder to survive in financial terms. However, this bill was easily the result of human error in regards to our programming the temperature control component & our air conditioner, and last week, our supplier hosted a truly immense corporate event in which both of us invited many of the local small corporation owners from our community to encourage each other to keep fighting as a team. There were a lot of people, so both of us had the air conditioner running to keep the office from feeling love the combustion chamber of a oil furnace. Thankfully, the air conditioner was up to the job set before it, & both of us had really no complications with the air conditioner. After everybody left, it was my job to remember to set the control component for the normal setting levels, which was warmer throughout the week, especially at night when both of us didn’t need any air conditioning. However, I walked out the door & forgot all about the air conditioner. Throughout the following week, I never observed that the air conditioner was cooler than usual. Normally, both of us program our air conditioner on a schedule & don’t assume about it. It wasn’t until the very end of the month that I remembered to reset the control unit. However, the destruction had already been done. The air conditioner setting had caused the electricity bill to go through the ceiling & there was nobody to blame besides me. I am sure that I am never going to be able to live this one down.


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