Waiting around for a/c

When I found the exact a/c unit model I wanted to bring house in addition to have installed, I found out that the unit was on backorder due to parts being unavailable to manufacture this unit… When I first heard that it was on backorder, I didn’t quite understand what that meant.

At first, I thought backorder simply meant that it was a high-demand item! I was technically right, however the backorder status meant that it was not available in addition to wouldn’t ship until it was back in stock… That was my trouble with the situation, in the meantime, the vendor that was selling myself and others this a/c unit was offering several other chances to myself and others that I could buy in addition to have installed well before this unit was available again.

While the chances were tempting, all of them had reviews saying that the a/c unit offered out after several months of operation! The unique air conditioner unit I ordered had the best reviews of any offered by this supplier, as it said that the unit never offered an ounce of trouble for over a decade. That sounded well worth the money to me, however now I’m wondering if I should entirely just wait around for it? I think I might have to consider going to another vendor, in addition to seeing what chances are available that I can buy which would match up to the backordered unit. If I find something decent, I might just switch vendors altogether.
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