Using tax help with a/c

Praise the lord and pass the ammunition, the tax refund check has finally arrived! Forgive our exuberance although I have been waiting for a while now, and this money is sorely needed, then of course it is consistently sorely needed, and it seems every year I wait with baited breath for it to show up so I can instantaneously spend it all.

Not that I ever get to spend it on something fun although I consistently have it in time to save our butt, it seems! Last year the check came in more than two afternoons after our vehicle broke down; This year all the funds are earmarked for cooling system and heating repairs, which have been sorely needed for some time! I knew when I moved in that all the Heating and Air Conditioning component was out of date, and I agreed to it because the asking price was truly reasonable.

The fact that I was able to get almost 5 years of repair out of this outdated a/c and even older gas furnace is actually a bit of luck, then so I am absolutely not complaining about getting it fixed, I just need that check in our hand before I can call the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to send someone out. I have already had them come out and do an inspection of all our ductwork and equipment, and gotten a price estimate and a time estimate, then all I need is the money in our account, and the Heating and Air Conditioning work crew will remove all the garbage outdated equipment, wash out the ducts, and get myself and others all set up with new gear.



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