Under pressure

Apparently, some days you can’t just be a fantastic outdated fashioned heating and cooling system serviceman, my boss just told me the other day that I’m going to have to start doing some selling when I’m out in the field, i told him that I’m not an Heating and Air Conditioning repair guy at all! I’m just a plain outdated heating and cooling serviceman.

I love laboring on gas furnaces and fixing things love thermostats and a/cs that are on the bconnect. I don’t think the first thing about being a salesman, but she seems to me like she is pretty adamant about the whole thing… She says that in this day and age, everyone in the Heating and Air Conditioning company is going to have to work as a strong team to keep our sales up. She said that while Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance and repair work is our bread and butter, selling current oil furnace systems and a/c unit is similar to my main course. I don’t think what he’s even talking about with the food analogies, honestly. She makes no sense to me most of the time. I just want to come in, get my list of oil furnace and cooling system maintenance calls, finish up with my job, and go home; All this talk about selling higher end Heating and Air Conditioning units and things like beach house media air cleaners and radiant heated flooring just sounds deranged to me. I have a strong feeling that if people absolutely want something love that then they will ask you about it; You shouldn’t have to force people into buying something, in my opinion! But I think I’ll see what I can do , I truly don’t want to start looking for a current job at another Heating and Air Conditioning business in the city.

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