Trying to find a way to purchase a furnace before winter

I am in a seriously bad financial condition right now.

  • I have had all spring and summer to find a furnace that I could purchase to replace the furnace that stopped working last winter, but everything seemed to get in the way.

Both of my cars stopped working, meaning that the money that I was saving to purchase the new furnace need to go to purchase a new car. However, that money was not enough, so I had to take out a loan to pay for my car. I have spent the last few months working on that loan, and money has been very tight. Unfortunately, this means that I do not have enough money to purchase the furnace before I need it. Right now, I am trying to sell my other two cars for parts in order to be able to purchase the furnace. I need the furnace in at least a month, so I am hoping that both of the cars sell before then. I would rather have the furnace installed and ready to go before the colder weather hits, because after the temperatures start getting cold, it will be too late for the furnace. Furnaces are not cheap, and I cannot afford to take on more debt so that I can have an HVAC technician install a new furnace that he selected. I am starting to run out of options for an HVAC unit, and my only hope is that I will be able to raise enough money before it gets cold. Hope is all I have right now when it comes to heat.


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