They are starting to get the idea

Taking day trips to the beach used to be a fantastic and stress relieving hobby of mine.

For the ages I could actually think of nothing better to do than spend a few hours soaking up sun rays and drifting through blazing heat and calming water.

Often I would pack some food and other times I’d go with a ton of friends when tides were high and choppy and we’d body surf for hours on end. But recently, I have started going to the beach weekly out of necessity instead of for having a good time. We’re in a recognizably crucial heat wave right now and at the worst possible time my air conditioner equipment abruptly broke down on me. I was cooking a single evening when I heard the fan in the air handler switch off randomly before the end of the cooling cycle. I inspected the temperature control device and noticed that it was still operational despite the rest of the equipment being unresponsive. But the worst thing is trying to find someone that has room on their schedule to take care of repairs while in this record breaking Summer heat wave. The village I live in is not big so my choices for HVAC equipment contractors are terribly slim. I finally managed to get a service appointment made however it’s a long ways away. I feel I’m going to need a portable air conditioner to get through the next couple of weeks and then I will be able to sell it used when my central AC equipment is back up and running.

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