The south is paradise

My best friend Ryan lives on the southernmost point. Ryan lives in a section with low humidity and cool to moderate temperatures all year-round. The temperature range is around 60 and 78 degrees throughout the year. Ryan brags that he barely ever has to use any form of climate control in such an environment. There is often a nice breeze blowing that he lets through his windows to help him sleep at night. He talks about how tiny his electric bills are as a result of hardly ever using Heating and A/C. When I came to visit him 1 Spring, I found is it everything he was telling me. The weather was super wonderful for the entirety of my visit. Ryan and I would both hang on his porch in the days and the air would be cool and comfortable while every one of us had a few drinks and ate snacks for a bit. Compared to where I live to my best friend Ryan may as well be in paradise. Ryan, of course, used to live in my section and can actually empathize with how I feel. Winters are pretty cold in my area and summers can be surprisingly hot. My girlfriend and I particularly do have to rely on Heating and A/C for much of the year. My friend sought out the section that he now lives in the moment that he felt that he had the finances in order to move. I am seriously pondering following in his footsteps 1 day. The delightful weather that he enjoys is just like paradise!


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