The meeting was a disaster, and I blame the A/C

This week was intended to be our biggest morning at the office ever.

  • This week was the morning that the boss asked myself and others to supply a very pressing and important presentation.

This was going to be the first major presentation that I had ever done, and I was particularly nervous. I was afraid that I was going to perspire right out of all our clothing appreciate you see people do on TV. My methods were to adjust our thermostat and set our air conditioning system at a particularly chilly setting to prevent sweat from being possible. The air conditioning system was supposed to be far too cold for myself and others to guess about being nervous. However, I was shocked when I discovered that our air conditioning system was no longer working! Not only did I not have prevention for perspiration, but I also have to worry about having a Heating in addition to Air Conditioning tech come out to repair it. I started to become overwhelmed and nervous, and sweat began to roll down our face and arms. If I had an air conditioning system, this would have all been entirely prevented. I remembered with regret that I hadn’t fixed the air conditioning system in our truck, so I would find no relief there. Normally, I would roll down the window, however this week I wanted to appear as professional as possible for the meeting. I tried to get to job early so that I could use the central air conditioning system to cool myself and others down, however being there for such a very long time made myself and others nervous. I provided our presentation, and it was an abject disaster. The boss comforted myself and others by saying that he expected as much for it being our first presentation, but I wanted to do it well. If only our air conditioning system had been working properly.

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