The lack of AC on the cruise

Recently I went on a cruise.

I am a history enthusiast plus I was happy to see the famous historic sites at one of the excursions. I had been saving up for this trip for weeks, the idea of cruising the deep sea was quite exciting. It started out easy plus sweet, I showed my cruise ticket to security plus made it through with ease. My room was even larger plus better than I saw in the online picture. This getaway was going to be perfect! Quickly I noticed something was astray. It was…usually hot. It felt as if there was no air cooling at all. I stood up on my bed plus put my hand in front of the air duct. Nothing was coming out of it. I grabbed the ship’s telephone plus called the cruise staff. Turns out that their air conditioning device randomly stopped cooling plus there are no HVAC servicemen on board. Well this is just perfect, instead of visiting an island, I might as well have visited a desert! Looking out the window, I was almost tempted to take a head first dive into the refreshing cold water. Instead, I went down to see what activities I could do while I was on the boat and stuck there. The lack of HVAC affected the whole boat. Everywhere I went was super hot and stifling. I was desperate for AC the whole trip. With how much I paid for a ticket, they should have at least gotten the AC unit inspected. Did they not prepare for this?

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