The HVAC was the issue

Two or three years ago, our hubby plus I rented a cottage at the seashore.

All of us were planning on having a romantic getaway for our twenty-sixth birthday.

All of us got to the cottage plus it was absolutely beautiful until we both came to find out there wasn’t a refrigerator in the study room. There wasn’t a bed in the study room plus there were no fixtures in the bathroom. There was no toilet or tub, either. We later emailed the rental office plus he was honestly apologetic. She said they had given the business’s the incorrect dates, but they would be there the next morning. I asked his if he expected to stay there separate from a bed, or a now working bathroom. She set up a reservation for us at the hotel that was less than ten miles from the cottage itself. We arrived at the hotel plus it was so hot in the lobby, that I thought I was going to pass out. They told us the air conditioning had broken down in the hotel, but the room Heating plus A/C was still not working smoothly. We got into our room plus our hubby immediately set the temperature control. At around midnight, it go so cold that we were shivering. He got up again plus reset the temperature control. It was beginning to get a bit warmer plus we soon went back to sleep. By the time we got out of bed, it was so hot in the room that we couldn’t breathe. I had a honestly awful feeling that this was just the very start of a honestly long week. I’m just hoping they quickly fix up the cottage finally.


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