The freon amount

It is difficult to believe how many people will cling to the dumbest problems because of politics or resistance to change. The world evolves and I feel history clearly recognizes that those who don’t evolve perish. This isn’t an opinion, the history of Western Civilization clearly bears this out. However, this never seems to stop a faction of mankind from losing it over another change geared to our evolution as a mankind. A hot Heating and Air Conditioning topic is a perfect example. R 22 refrigerant is about to be outlawed by the federal government. That means those still using outdated Heating and Air Conditioning systems will either have to hoard this Freon or upgrade their heating and cooling systems. Of course this is being met with either logical understanding or complete hysteria. There is a reason the R 22 Freon is being barred from further production. The stuff eats away our ozone layer. Again, this is not opinion. This is fact based on over 50 years of data. But, I believe people who are sure it’s all a lie and a left wing conspiracy. They are ready to build a bunker and dare anybody to try to take their crappy old Heating and Air Conditioning unit away from them. Isn’t there more constructive problems to go to the mat over? I feel these people absolutely cling to problems love Freon in order to not have to feel through real problems. It disappoints myself and others no end. The people I was with and I are all in this together. So, I don’t know, let’s keep the ozone so all of us don’t end life on the planet.

Cooling representative