The city jail has a long history and a terrible AC system

This latest contract my job picked up is for the city jail.

And as you probably already know, the place is seriously old. It is on the historic monuments registry, right alongside city hall, and is one of the first buildings in the entire area. We knew that working on a place with bones this old was going to give us some special challenges. With that in mind, we asked for a ton of money, and the city paid it without blinking, so now we are in it until the bitter end. Initially the place was built without any ventilation system, nor any heating of any kind. That was taken care of some years later, and ductwork was added along with rudimentary heating equipment. The place didn’t get any air conditioning until the 70s, after there was a lawsuit from the ACLU about cruel and unusual punishment. They argued that making prisoner sit in such incredibly hot cells with no cooling was a form of torture. They put in the air conditioning, but in doing so they caused a little structural damage, at which point several prisoners escaped. This is way more history and backstory than any AC repair job we have ever taken before, which is honestly kind of cool. No one was psyched about working in the air vents of an ancient jail, at the same time it was a change of pace from residential homes. At the end of the day, the HVAC business is not about excitement it’s about making money, and this contract pays loads of it.



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