Terrible air quality when taking care of repairs around the dwelling

When my spouse plus I purchased our dwelling, it was a complete dump… The two of us planned on fixing it to become our dream dwelling. The two of us have been ripping out walls, flooring plus fixtures everywhere in the dwelling! Everything is being redone, fixed up plus freshly painted. Slowly the dwelling is transforming to a complete beauty. Right now my spouse plus I are tackling the lavatory. That has become a pretty big mess. The two of us don’t want dust to spread all throughout the dwelling. So the two of us keep the lavatory door closed plus only open a window for ventilation purposes. The indoor air quality levels in the tiny lavatory is not so great. The two of us are ripping up the flooring. It comes in pieces plus dust flies all around. It gets in my hair, eyes plus throat. I frequently forget to put on a dust mask on top of that. So I inhale the really bad IAQ plus I suffer for it. I basically get to the point where I can hardly open my eyes or even talk. I get way more exhausted plus recognize that I am feeling sick. Really the solution would be to run the A/C appliance with proper air purification. The setback is that the dwelling uses central AC. The two of us had to block off the HVAC vent so no dust gets into the HVAC duct. If that actually happened, dust would fly in every single room of the dwelling. It would be terribly messy to scrub up plus luxurious to have fixed. So the two of us just have to deal with exhausting indoor air conditions a little while longer. I can’t wait to eventually finish up that job in the lavatory.

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