Tending to my sick parents

My uncle has been dealing with this immune system disorder for the past few weeks now, and she was doing nice and was on the road to salvagey, however after she recently fell down in her bathroom, he’s now back to being on bedrest.

All of us all give everyone a chance to stopping by her lake condo to tend to him for a few hours while her child goes to work, and in my recent visits to her house, I can see why she may not be salvageing as fast as she wants to! See, her lake condo is equipped with a smart thermostat that controls her heating, ventilation and air conditioners.

This is great for him since she can control the thermostat from the comfort of her bed, and doesn’t have to get up to change the temperature if she feels too sizzling or cool in her home. However, it would seem that her home’s Heating and Air Conditioning system has been off for over several nights now, and my family has yet to notice! My uncle is consistently exhausted, so she doesn’t speak much. However, she made a point to tell myself and others on my last visit that she was covered in sweat heavily into the bed, and she asked myself and others to find out what was wrong with her thermostat – and Heating and Air Conditioning system, if needed. When I started looking into the potential cause, I found out that the batteries for the smart thermostat were dead. It was no wonder the home’s heating and air conditioner weren’t running! Once I replaced the batteries in the smart thermostat, everything was back up to speed – and my uncle was pleasantly relieved.

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