Taking forever selecting a choice

When you are married, everything has to be a joint decision.

This is actually a good thing and is the true sign of a wonderful relationship.

However, in certain situations, this can tend to be a hassle for everyone! Like getting a brand new HVAC system. This ended up being the biggest headache in our relationship to date! I was fine with about 4 different central HVAC units that we both had agreed on. She was taking forever to select which of the 4 central HVAC units we should get! My wife was literally over thinking everything. Right down to the SEER ratings of the central heating and air conditioning units being 1 off compared to the other. I mean come on! A slight difference in SEER rating was not going to make or break our energy use! Then, she was even going as far as looking into the shapes and sizes of the actual central HVAC units! Who in the world is going to even be looking at the actual central HVAC unit? It will just be sitting in the backyard where no one sees anything, and the fact of it is, that the central HVAC system actually works! Not what it looks like! Wow! I never actually seen such an obsessive side of my wife before this! Finally, after a little over a month of this insanity, she finally decided on one of the 4 HVAC units. We were able to buy it, then call the local heating and air conditioning company to set up the day of the HVAC installation!


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