System overload due to lack of patience

The new office building we are moving into is really beautiful.

There is a large entry area with floor to ceiling windows, an awesome cafeteria, and even a company day care for those of us with little ones.

The big move in started yesterday and we have all been told that we will be working overtime to make sure everything is set and ready for Monday morning. Now, it is Saturday and we have working for hours in eighty five degree temperatures to try and unload furniture, files, and other office items. We really wanted to turn on the air conditioning but the boss said that we couldn’t until all the trucks were empty. When the last one pulled away we all had the same thought process at the same time. Crank the air conditioning! This seemed like a good idea until an alarm on the main unit sounded indicating that it as experiencing and overload on the circuits. Because every department had turned the air on at the same time and turned the temperature way down to cool off the building the system could not keep up with demand. We were all told to turn the air off again and then gradually adjust the system to cool the building slowly. The boss assured us that my Monday, the entire building would be comfortably cooled and that the system would be programmed to maintain a constant seventy degrees year round. We would not need to adjust it for heating or cooling once it was set. It would also be set slightly cooler or warmer when the building was vacant on the weekends to save money on annual energy costs.

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