Switching from a setback thermostat to wifi is a big improvement

For quite a few years, I thought my setback thermostat was the epitome of cutting-edge technology.

Instead of manually adjusting the settings every time I left the house or headed to bed at night, I was able to create a heating and cooling schedule.

The setback thermostat automatically adapted the operation of the furnace and air conditioner to the established schedule. However, making any changes to the program was a huge hassle. I needed to manually punch buttons to alter the settings. About a year ago, I upgraded to a wifi thermostat. I worried that the set up and operation would be difficult. I was amazed by how easily I downloaded the app and entered my preferences. Unlike the setback thermostat, this modern alternative offers learning capability. It knows when my family is home or away, has learned our schedule and matches it perfectly. The new thermostat also offers a geofence feature that tracks the location of our smartphones. It caters the operation of the furnace and air conditioner based on when we enter or leave the home. It maximizes energy savings while the house is empty, but always welcomes us back to perfect temperature. It knows exactly when to bump up the heating or cooling to achieve ideal comfort at the right time. Plus, I can adjust the temperature from anywhere. I just grab my phone, pull up the app and raise or lower the setting with a tap of my finger. I can also monitor the operation and efficiency of the furnace and air conditioner. I get alerts if there’s a dirty filter, power outage or any type of concern with the system. The wifi thermostat also looks cool. The display allows my to customize the color to match decor and it lights up when I enter the room.

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