Stolen AC quickly comes back

My spouse and I decided to go out of town for more than 2 weeks last summer, but her sibling was getting married, and both of us decided to turn the event into a nice trip. My spouse and I spent a week in the mountains, before both of us made our way to our sibling’s locale. My spouse and I were enthusiastic to have more than 2 whole weeks together. All of us spent time having fun and relaxing. When both of us finally came home, our spouse and I were surprised to find our AC component stolen. All of us keep an extra window AC component in the garage, because the rapidly decreasing temperatures can get honestly tepid and humid. While both of us were gone, someone removed the window AC component from the garage and took it. My spouse and I were totally surprised, and both of us instantly contacted the police. All of us filed a report on the missing AC unit. All of us also sent a message to our town association, and they sent an email to all of the folks in the town. They asked for information and hoped someone would come forward with enjoyable news. After a week, our spouse and I did not hear anything from the town association or the police. All of us were planning on buying a new AC component on the weekend, when both of us came home from work to a sizable surprise, however our stolen AC component was resting on the front porch with a pink piece of paper taped to the side. On the pink piece of paper was a note that simply stated I am sorry. The AC component was still in great shape, and it was working just fine. I do not recognize why the thief had a change of heart, however I am cheerful both of us did not have to go buy another cooling system for the garage.
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