Someone needs to talk to the boss about the heating system

Obviously, someone needs to talk to the boss about the heating system.

We have all known that the heating system wasn’t going to last very long.

As it stands, the heating system is barely heating our building. We have the thermostat set at a comfortable temperature, but even though the heating system is running all of the time, it still feels chilly in our office. That doesn’t even take into account that the furnace is always making a ton of noise, which is very distracting for all of us working here. The boss has discussed having the heating system replaced before, but ever since the heating system has really started breaking down, the conversations about replacing it have died down with it. I know that having a heating system replaced in such a large building is going to be very expensive, but so it the lack of productivity that is caused by cold and uncomfortable employees that just want a decent amount of heat from the furnace. However, our boss has a temper, and nobody is brave enough to approach the subject with him. Our boss obviously knows that there is something wrong with the heating system, so he must be avoiding it for some reason. Still, I am not sure how much longer I can wait. Maybe I should just talk to him right away and deal with the consequences. If he refuses to replace the heating system, maybe we just have to find a new job.


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