Sleeper with A/C is a total lifesaver

I went to a horse clinic not so long ago to learn better horse riding habits.

I had to trailer my horse in as well as it was a lengthy trip so I stayed overnight! My horse trailer has a little sleeper built in to the front with a little bed as well as not much else.

I brought along a cooler with a bunch of sandwiches as well as thought I would be fine. What I didn’t anticipate was how overheated it gets this far south. Most of the time, I keep the cooling appliance running at my dwelling as well as rarely leave the dwelling so I don’t supply much thought to the temperature in the middle of the night. Well, after a terribly long drive as well as setting up, I wished I had given it some thought to the temperatures at night because it was too sizzling to sleep without any cooling appliance. The temperature never got below 94 degrees as well as I was dying with air conditioning. In the morning, I tacked up my horse as well as got him ready to go for the clinic but I felt like death. I was so sleepy as well as fuzzy headed. My disorientation must have been obvious. I told the teacher I hadn’t slept well because of the heat as well as I was amazed anyone else managed to get any rest. That’s when I found out that the teacher’s 6-horse trailer had a sleeper in it with powerful a/c as well as that the other participants had slept there. The teacher said there was no extra bed for me but that I was more than welcome to come as well as sleep on the floor. Of course, I took him up on the offer. I was so sleepy that I didn’t mind the incredibly hard floor, at least it was equipped with a cooling appliance as well as I was able to start fresh for the final day of lessons.

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